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Business Journal

Learn why a company culture that promotes a sense of belonging is more important than ever, and discover how to build one.

by Annamarie Mann

Is there a connection between having friends at work and employee performance? Absolutely -- especially for women.

by Shannon Mullen O'Keefe

Help employees feel alive in their roles -- and improve performance -- by understanding and tapping into their natural interests.

by Marco Nink

Male or female, the majority of German managers fail to engage their employees. The fix? Leaders must turn their focus toward talent.

by Mike McDonald

Performance measurement should inspire employees to improve. Discover how managers can motivate employees through six key areas of focus.

by Tom Nolan

Discover the biggest threat to your company's benefits program and how to counteract it.

by Jim Harter

Flawed performance management is at the root of the employee engagement crisis. What steps can organizations take to fix their systems?

by Amy Adkins

What trends and topics shaped the workforce in 2017? Gallup editors share their picks for the top articles from the past year.

by Annamarie Mann and Bailey Nelson

When roles don't lend themselves to time and place flexibility, leaders should explore other avenues for providing similar perks.

by Ryan Pendell

Reduce turnover and retain more of your workforce with four tips for "re-recruiting" high performers.

by Ryan Pendell

Millennials want to work where they can learn, grow and have a future. Discover how your organization can offer them the right kind of development.

by Bryant Ott

Learn how committing to a performance development approach can arm your managers to lead their employees and teams to greater outcomes.

Business Journal

Many star employees are open to new job opportunities. Companies are doing a poor job of wooing them.

Business Journal

Finding out what workers want most in a job and an organization can help companies improve attraction and recruitment strategies.

Business Journal

What do workers want most in a job and a company? The answer can help companies improve attraction and recruitment strategies.

Business Journal

Building innate talents into strengths in college or at work requires practice, much like building physical strength.

Business Journal

Organizations with strengths-based brands draw talented job seekers who are driven to use and develop their innate abilities.

Business Journal

Teams with low engagement and poor managers are less productive, less profitable and less likely to be loyal.

Business Journal

On-the-ground coaches help leaders, managers and employees fully develop and apply their strengths.