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Who cares if people are happy? If you don't, you should.

Improving and sustaining high wellbeing is vital to any population's overall health and to its economy. This is why Gallup regularly asks people around the world about their lives, including how satisfied they are with them and what they are feeling and experiencing -- both good and bad -- on a daily basis.

Gallup measures happiness in multiple ways on a global scale, partnering with the United Nations for the World Happiness Report and sharing insights on people's day-to-day emotional experiences through the Gallup Global Emotions report every year.

Explore this page to gain insights into the health of societies that global leaders cannot gather from economic measures alone. Find out how your society compares with the rest of the world on these important measures of subjective wellbeing.

Wellbeing Metrics

When GDP Doesn't Tell Us Everything

Before Brexit, the Arab Uprisings and the Euromaidan revolution, people's ratings of their lives were tanking. They were ready for change.

Life ratings were down in the U.K. in the years leading up to the Brexit vote.

Line graph. Trend showing life evaluations for Britons ahead of the Brexit vote

Egyptians' ratings of their lives trended downward ahead of unrest in the Arab Uprisings.

Line graph. Trend showing life evaluations for Egyptians ahead of unrest in Arab Uprisings.

Ukrainians' ratings of their lives trended downward in the years leading up to the Euromaidan Revolution.

Line graph. Trend showing life evaluations for Ukranians in the years leading up to the Euromaiden revolution.

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How We Measure Happiness

Gallup's data measure multiple dimensions of wellbeing, capturing people's day-to-day emotional states -- such as enjoyment, stress or anger -- as well as their satisfaction with their lives.

Gallup's measurement of day-to-day emotional states, released annually through the Global Emotions Report, captures the trends of hope -- or despair -- at the individual level and provides the most valuable intelligence for global leaders to monitor the emotional temperatures of the people they lead.

While classic metrics and models can only estimate how people are living their lives, the data Gallup uncovers tracks this information directly from the people who are living them. And we're the only ones in the world who can reach every person on the planet.

Gallup also partners with the United Nations on the World Happiness Report to help demonstrate that wellbeing and happiness are critical indicators of a nation's economic and social development.

To learn more about Gallup's global analytical capabilities, visit the Gallup World Poll page to discover how Gallup helps change the world by finding out what each of the world's 7+ billion citizens think, feel and desire.

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