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Guide to Customer Centricity: Analytics and Advice for B2B Leaders

How to accelerate your growth by listening to and acting on the voice of your customers.

Companies aren’t growing—so they’re acquiring their competitors.

However, there's often as much or more growth potential in customer strategies. Gallup finds only 29% of your B2B customers are engaged, with the remaining 71% either indifferent or actively disengaged. That means there are hundreds of millions of dollars of lost growth within your B2B customer base.

You don’t have to bust the bank to get the most out of your existing B2B customers. You just need the right analytics and advice.

Jim Clifton,
Chairman & CEO


of B2B customers are not engaged

Gallup data show that


of B2B customers have experienced a problem with a company or product, with only


of customers believing the B2B company resolved their problem

B2B customers with high customer engagement scores achieve:


Higher Revenue/Sales


Higher Profitability


Higher Share of Wallet

B2B companies across all industries are at risk of being replaced—not because of their products or prices, but because they are failing their customers.

Gallup's Guide to Customer Centricity: Analytics and Advice for B2B Leaders is a road map for leaders who want to accelerate their growth and create a competitive advantage by putting their customers at the center of everything.

Gallup's B2B Practice

Download this report to learn:

  • Identify and overcome your true barriers to B2B customer centricity.
  • Understand your customers by conducting the right key account reviews.
  • Engage customers through problem handling, not just problem resolution.
  • Generate B2B revenue growth by delivering customer impact.
  • Improve customer relationships by addressing key drivers and establishing collaborative partnerships.
  • Hire and develop high-performance account teams.
  • Apply a holistic and customer-centric operating model and data analytics approach.

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