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Gallup Student Poll 2015 Results

Engaged today-ready for tomorrow: Learn what a sample of nearly 1 million public school students say about their school engagement and hope for the future.

School leaders and educators need metrics that help them monitor all aspects of education that make a difference in students' success, beyond test scores and report cards.

Since 2009, the Gallup Student Poll has measured dimensions such as students' engagement with school, their hope for the future and their readiness to participate in the economy.

The 2015 Gallup Student Poll results are based on a convenience sample of more than 900,000 U.S. public school students from 3,300 schools, representing more than 550 unique school districts across 46 states.

Gallup measures students based on four dimensions:

  • Engagement
  • Hope
  • Entrepreneurial Aspiration
  • Career/Financial Literacy

Gallup Student Poll data show that


of students surveyed are engaged in school.


of students surveyed strongly agree that they plan to start their own business.

Engaged and hopeful students are about


more likely than their actively disengaged and discouraged counterparts to strongly agree that they do well in school.


of students surveyed are hopeful, according to Gallup’s Hope Index.

The 2015 Gallup Student Poll Results highlight the levels of engagement and hope experienced by nearly 1 million U.S. students in grades K-12. The survey results also summarize students’ educational experiences with entrepreneurship and economic literacy.

About Gallup Student Poll

Download this report to learn:

  • Are students engaged with school?
  • Does engagement vary by grade level? If so, to what extent?
  • Are students hopeful about the future?
  • Do they have a concrete, positive vision for their future?
  • Can they develop multiple pathways and overcome obstacles to achieve their dreams?
  • Are some students aspiring entrepreneurs?
  • Do talented young entrepreneurs have the support and developmental opportunities they need to be successful?
  • Are students prepared to participate in a meaningful way in the economy?
  • Do they know about banking or how to save and spend money in a healthy way?

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