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B2C Customer Engagement Meta-Analysis 2014

Gallup's first customer engagement meta-analysis includes customer engagement data from 24,059 business units and 64,777 customers in nine major industries and 12 markets. It illustrates the significantly positive linkage between customer engagement and business outcomes in the business-to-consumer context at both business unit (for example, branch, store) and individual levels.

As far as we know, customer engagement, as measured by Gallup's CE3™, is the only customer metric that has placed enough emphasis on the key role that emotion plays in consumer purchasing behaviors.

The latest meta-analysis confirms that the positive linkage between customer engagement and business outcomes, including revenue/sales, profitability, share of wallet, brand preference, consumer attrition and consumer well-being, is strong and holds true regardless of the organization, industry or country. Gallup has scientifically validated its measurement equivalence across cultures and types of customers.

For both meta-analysis of the relationship between customer engagement and business outcomes and measurement equivalence analysis of customer engagement, this is the only large-scale study of its kind.

Compared with actively disengaged customers, fully engaged customers exhibit higher revenue/sales by


percentage points.

Gallup data show:

The relationship between B2C customer engagement and performance is significantly and highly generalizable across organizations at both business unit and individual levels.

This means practitioners can apply CE3 -- Gallup's survey measuring the aspects of customer engagement that link to business outcomes -- to various B2C situations with confidence.

Compared with business units in the bottom quartile of B2C customer engagement, organizations in the top quartile have:


lower consumer attrition


higher profitability


higher share of wallet

Business outcomes are strongly and positively linked to B2C customer engagement levels.

Gallup's 2014 B2C Customer Engagement Meta-Analysis demonstrates positive linkage between customer engagement and business outcomes through extensive research across multiple industries.

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Download this report to learn:

  • why it is essential that companies measure customer engagement
  • to what extent customer engagement as measured by CE3 relates to key organizational outcomes in the business-to-consumer context
  • why the relationship between customer engagement and key organizational outcomes holds true across organizations, industries and countries
  • what it means for the success of your business if your customers shift from being actively disengaged to being fully engaged

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