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The 2016 Gallup-HOPE Index

Quantifying the economic energy of America's youth

America's youth, the next generation of entrepreneurs, will grow and sustain the long-term economic energy of the U.S. -- or not.

The 2016 Gallup-HOPE Index report provides answers to the leading questions about the future of America's economy and how they have changed in the past five years:

  • Is America's youth financially literate enough to solve the country's economic and jobs problems?
  • Do young people possess the spirit of free enterprise?
  • Are students getting the opportunity to match their aspirations with the experience they need to boom America's economy?

Learn the path that educators, policymakers and community leaders must take to help students render their economic energy -- and give hope to America's future.

Over the past five years, the needle has not moved for youth entrepreneurship or student financial literacy.


of students agree that their school teaches them about money and banking.



of students want to start a business or invent something that will change the world. But only


of these students are participating in internships.

By understanding how young people envision their economic future, community leaders and policymakers can inform education to help students have full and meaningful participation in the U.S. economy.

The goal of the Gallup-HOPE Index is to empower America's youth to sustain our nation's long-term economic energy.

Download this report to learn:

  • how U.S. students perceive their current and future lives
  • the future of U.S. small businesses - the percentage of students who currently plan to start their own business
  • the benefits of financial education and how much access students have to experiential learning and courses
  • what public and private sector leaders can do to ignite young Americans' economic energy

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