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Time to Play

A Study on Children's Free Time: How It Is Spent, Prioritized and Valued

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How often do children hear: "Can you find something to do for the next hour?" or "How about making something with these art supplies?"

Powerful learning can happen when children are given the chance to come up with their own way to occupy a rainy day, to invent a game or to fill a blank page with their ideas.

But in today's heavily scheduled, digital world, are children engaging in child-led, unstructured play? And do parents recognize how child-led play benefits their child's development?

To discover the answers, global toy company Melissa & Doug partnered with Gallup on a nationwide study of U.S. parents of children 10 and younger.

Download this report to learn:

  • how children are spending their time outside of school and how parents value that time
  • what's keeping children from more active outdoor play and from more imaginative indoor play
  • how parents perceive the benefits of play and what they may be missing
  • whether parents value boredom as a catalyst for creativity

Now available: Download the Screen-Time Findings Summary for a detailed view of children's screen-based play.

Download the "Time to Play" Report

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