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by Amy Adkins

What trends and topics shaped the workforce in 2017? Gallup editors share their picks for the top articles from the past year.

Business Journal

Finding compatible partnerships in the workplace is a long process, developed through determined effort and awareness.

Since 2008, Gallup and Healthways have measured the well-being of Americans and determined how best to improve well-being and its relationship to important outcomes. Building on these insights, Gallup and Healthways expanded our well-being research to assess and improve well-being globally.

Business Journal

Engaged companies outperform their competition, Gallup finds. And when it comes to assessing their workforces' engagement, those companies measure the right things in the right way.

Business Journal

Self-branded people are of tremendous value to all kinds of organizations, according to a marketing expert. Indeed, he argues that constructing your personal brand may be the best thing you can do for your workplace and for yourself -- especially now.