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For more than 70 years, Gallup has built its reputation on delivering relevant, timely, and visionary research on what humans around the world think and feel. Using impeccable data, our advisers assist leaders in identifying and monitoring critical economic and behavioral indicators that are vital to their strategic plans.

No other organization captures the human need to share opinions and the breadth of the human spirit like The Gallup Poll. Since 1935, The Gallup Poll has chronicled reactions to the events that have changed our world -- and in turn, those reactions have shaped who and what we are today. Today, The Gallup Poll continues to be a reliable source of intelligence for a changing world. Our data often answer the questions that are "top of mind" with leaders around the globe. Through its offices worldwide, Gallup measures public opinion and attitudes on virtually every political, social, and economic issue. Its data reach the highest levels of government, the judiciary, business, and academia.

Gallup has committed the next century to achieving a global endeavor of peerless magnitude, integrity, and strategic value -- the Gallup World Poll. Gallup's World Poll continually surveys the well-being, behaviors, and attitudes of the world's citizens in more than 130 countries and areas -- from the steppes of Central Asia to the savannahs of Africa -- and provides a new access point to the voices, hearts, and minds of samples representing 95% of the Earth's adult population. Worldwide core questions, as well as region-specific questions, are asked across countries over time, which enables leaders to compare data and spot emerging social and economic trends.

Globalization requires leaders to scrutinize how their nations, economies, and organizations not only fit into the dynamic global landscape, but also promote growth and create partnerships. The World Poll provides these insights by continually measuring key indicators such as Leadership, Law and Order, Food/Shelter, Work, Economics, Health, Well-Being, Migration, Environment, Education, Entrepreneurship, and Engaged Citizens and demonstrating their correlations with world development indicators such as GDP and Brain Gain.

These indicators assist leaders in understanding the broad context of national interests, establishing organization-specific correlations between leading indexes and lagging economic outcomes, and identifying trends key to their strategic plans.

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