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What To Expect

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Will You Mask Up on Your Next Flight?

As the CDC ends its mask mandate for air travel, letting travelers choose for themselves, we find Americans split on the policy question. But six in 10 tell Gallup that if they were to hop on a flight in the coming days, they would choose to mask up. Democrats are the most likely to mask, while Republicans are the least likely. Women and people of color are also more likely than men and White adults to say they would opt for a mask on their next flight.

Women's Rights in Afghanistan Cut Down

In the latest restriction of women's freedom in Afghanistan, the Taliban recently decreed all women must observe the kind of head-to-toe covering in public that predated the 2001 overthrow of the Taliban. Even before this, as the Taliban took control of Afghanistan last year, a record-low 31% of Afghans said women in their country were treated with respect and dignity.

Biden Support Tanking Among Young Americans

In a troubling sign for Democrats in a midterm election year, President Joe Biden's job approval has dropped the most among younger Americans -- down about 20 percentage points among Gen Z and millennials since he took office. The only generation that is as likely to approve of the job Biden is doing today as in his first few months are traditionalists, those born before 1946.

The Great Customer Resignation?

The recent focus on ESG in the business world has created sky-high customer expectations about corporate promises of transparency and sustainability. Gallup's consultants break down how companies are facing a massive moment of truth as those talking the ESG talk face the reality of measuring change and impact. What comes next for companies that fail to deliver on those expectations will not be pretty, as more and more consumers look to vote with their pocketbooks.