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The Presidency

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by Frank Newport

A look at where American public opinion does, and does not, provide a supportive environment for Trump's reelection probabilities.

by Frank Newport

Support for the Senate conviction of Donald Trump is highly correlated with his approval rating, as was the case for Bill Clinton in 1999.

by Frank Newport

Voters want their president to display competence in office, leading to a significant "competency" positioning battle in the coming election.

The Short Answer

George W. Bush registered the highest presidential job approval rating in any Gallup poll.

by Frank Newport

Americans agree that their government should take immediate action in a number of specific problem areas.

by Frank Newport

Donald Trump's consistently low approval ratings among blacks highlight the challenge he faces in attempting to improve on his 2016 black vote share.

by Mohamed Younis

As election season approaches, Gallup releases its campaign 2020 page and Metrics that Matter interactive, featuring the most important trends to follow when putting this contest into perspective.