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Ahead of the general election in the U.K. next week, Gallup data paint a mixed picture of economic perceptions in the U.K. compared with other major economies.

Americans continue to lack confidence in key leaders' ability to do the right thing for the economy.

Cyberterrorism and U.S. adversaries developing nuclear weapons continue to rank as the most worrisome global issues to Americans, but fewer than in recent years find China's economic power highly concerning.

Ahead of elections on Friday, Iranians are sour on their current leadership and their economy -- and many would leave if they could.

Regional spillover from the war between Hamas and Israel may test Iraqis' newfound confidence in their political and national institutions.

A new Gallup analysis suggests that whether the EU and NATO survive -- and thrive -- may depend on the actions of powerful member states and the confidence that people in member states have in their domestic political institutions.

If the war between Israel and Hamas spills into Lebanon, it could further destabilize a country still struggling from years of economic and political crises.

A record-low 28% of Americans, down from 35% in early 2021, are satisfied with the way democracy is working in the U.S.

None of the top elected or appointed officials in the federal government today earns even bare majority approval ratings from the American public, with the highest, 48%, earned by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.

Biden enters 2024 with a persistently low job approval rating of 39%, the worst of any modern-day president seeking reelection at the same point.

Ahead of the DRC's scheduled election on Dec. 20, Gallup data paint a picture of widespread vulnerability, health problems and negative experiences.

On the 60th anniversary of President Kennedy's assassination, about two-thirds of Americans think there was more than one person involved in the murder, but there is little consensus about who that was.

Just 13% of U.S. adults approve of the job Congress is doing, the lowest since 2017.

Democrats' less positive appraisal of Biden's presidency has sent his overall job approval rating down to 37%, tied for his lowest to date.

Per usual, a majority of Americans think the government is doing too many things that should be left to individuals and businesses.

Trust in government institutions remains below historical averages. Americans trust local government the most and the federal legislative branch the least.

Americans rate 12 of 16 federal government agencies and departments negatively. The U.S. Postal Service remains the highest-rated agency.

Ukrainians' support for the war with Russia remains strong heading into the second year of the conflict between the countries.

Sixty-three percent of Americans say a third U.S. political party is needed, up from 56% a year ago and by one percentage point the highest in Gallup's 20-year trend.

Americans' approval of the Supreme Court and their trust in it remain low. The public is divided on whether its ideology is "about right" or "too conservative."