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Nov 27, 2017

Affordable Care Act Approval Slips After Record Highs

Half of Americans approve of the ACA, down slightly from April but well above one year ago. Democrats strongly back the law. Independents tilt toward approval.
Sep 29, 2017

American Public Opinion: ACA and Tax Reform

Americans are not opposed to reforming the tax system but don't want tax cuts for the wealthy or corporations. They also support changing the ACA but not necessarily repealing it.
Jul 11, 2017

Public Gives Congress No Clear Guidance on ACA Reform

Americans are most likely to prefer keeping the Affordable Care Act in place but making significant changes to it (44%) rather than keeping it as is (23%) or repealing and replacing it (30%).
Dec 11, 2017

Americans Still Hold Dim View of U.S. Healthcare System

In spite of monumental changes to the U.S. healthcare system over the past decade, about the same percentage of Americans think it is deeply flawed now as did 10 years ago.
Apr 4, 2017

Affordable Care Act Gains Majority Approval for First Time

A majority of Americans approve of the Affordable Care Act for the first time since it was enacted in 2010. Still, 40% want significant changes.
Nov 28, 2016

Most Americans Want Changes to Affordable Care Act

Americans' views of the Affordable Care Act remain stable, with a slight majority, 53%, disapproving. More than four in 10 Americans want the law kept with major changes, while 37% want the law repealed and replaced.
May 16, 2016

Majority in U.S. Support Idea of Fed-Funded Healthcare System

Asked separately about three possible courses for the future of the Affordable Care Act, more Americans favor replacing it with federally funded health insurance for all Americans than favor either keeping it in place or repealing it.
Dec 8, 2017

Majority Want Government to Ensure Healthcare Coverage

Fifty-six percent of Americans say it is the federal government's responsibility to provide healthcare coverage for all Americans, the highest in 10 years.
May 13, 2016

Americans Slowly Embracing Affordable Care Act More

Americans are split on whether they approve or disapprove of the Affordable Care Act, but overall, they are steadily seeing more benefits to the law since 2012.
Sep 8, 2016

More Americans Negative Than Positive About ACA

Americans' support for the Affordable Care Act remains basically unchanged since May; 44% currently approve of the law. Nearly three in 10 Americans say the law has hurt their family, the highest Gallup has measured to date.
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