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Learn how to manage nurses' spans of control to improve employee engagement in your healthcare organization.

Business Journal

Learn how HR leaders can manage change for a smooth transition during mergers and acquisitions.

Business Journal

Learn how to better meet employee needs and improve patient outcomes.


Gallup COO Jane Miller offers 3 ways to help your organization prove you value women, retain your high-performers and see more women reach the top.

by Marco Nink and Fabian Schumann

Learn how German workers and managers can benefit from expanding management theory and practice to include engagement.

Amazon CHRO Beth Galetti talks with Gallup about Amazon's culture.

Business Journal

Mix quantitative and qualitative feedback from different stakeholders to fully understand your B2B customer relationships.

By Steve Crabtree

Learn why strengths-based cultures are critical as businesses around the world adopt more flexible, internally fluid organizational structures.

Business Journal

Understand your B2B customers on every level to create the most organic growth, especially during mergers and acquisitions.

73% of Americans say artificial intelligence will eliminate more jobs than it creates.

Business Journal

Engage your customers with human interaction -- brick-and-mortar retail's proven advantage.