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The Gallup Poll of Iraq

The nationwide follow-up survey to the first representative survey of Iraqi residents' views about the war, occupation, and their futures

The Gallup Poll presents the second wave of its multiyear commitment to documenting Iraqi opinion. The latest highly challenging project surveyed more than 3,400 citizens across the nation of Iraq. Citizens were interviewed in March and April 2004 with researchers conducting hour-long, in-person interviews on all manner of topics currently affecting the Iraqi people. This next wave continues Gallup's mission to report the opinions of Iraqi citizens today -- and tomorrow.

The 2004 Gallup Poll of Iraq, with its oversample of Baghdad citizens, will enable leaders to gauge how diplomatic policies and cultural influences are affecting Baghdadis' views, especially when compared with the 2003 Gallup Poll of Baghdad's historic benchmark findings.

The Iraq study, which Gallup designed and co-funded with CNN and USA Today, provides data that are both crucial and timely.


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