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For the week of Jan 7-11, 2013

Better Days Ahead?:

Americans divided on outlook for next generation

Advantage Democrats:

Democrats re-establish lead in U.S. party ID

No Relief:

U.S. economic confidence unchanged post-fiscal cliff deal

Sick Season:

U.S. flu levels unusually high in December 2012

Religious "Nones":

Increase in Americans with "no religion" slows
For the week of Dec 31, 2012-Jan 4, 2013

Most Admired:

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton top list again

Year in Review:

Gallup's top findings in 2012

More Jobs:

U.S. Payroll to Population rate up to 44.4% in December

Post-Superstorm Sadness:

Depression up in areas hardest hit by Sandy

Global Discoveries:

Gallup's top 10 world news findings of 2012
For the week of Dec 24-28, 2012

On the Edge:

Americans less optimistic about avoiding "fiscal cliff"

U.S. School Safety:

Parents' concern rises slightly

NRA's Image:

54% in U.S. have a favorable opinion

Spending Surge:

Pre-Christmas weekend spending tops prior years

Best of 2012:

Top 10 wellbeing discoveries of the year
For the week of Dec 17-21, 2012

Most Positive Nations:

Latin American countries top the list

Account Access:

Income divide in banking evident in developing world

Shooting Deterrents:

Police, mental health care seen as most effective

Approval Uptick:

Obama approval rises to 56%, highest since Oct. 2009

Wait and See:

U.S. economic confidence steady amid fiscal uncertainty

U.S. Healthcare:

Fewer rate their coverage well, quality ratings are flat
For the week of Dec 10-14, 2012

Growing Chorus:

70% want U.S. leaders to compromise on fiscal cliff

Dramatic Drop:

U.S. investors grow sharply more pessimistic

Economic Engines:

84% say U.S. wins when small businesses profit

Painful Truth:

32% in U.S. put off medical treatment due to cost


P2P and thriving rates are vital for world leaders
For the week of Dec 3-7, 2012

Fiscal Cliff:

62% in U.S. want leaders to compromise to make a deal

Slowdown Ahead?:

U.S. small-business owners' hiring intentions plunge

The Entrepreneur's Life:

More stress; more enjoyment and optimism, too

Growing Weight:

More in U.S. call obesity most urgent health problem

Beyond Basic:

Water quality linked to wellbeing in sub-Saharan Africa
For the week of Nov 26-30, 2012

Healthcare U-Turn:

54% in U.S. now say it's not a gov't responsibility

Poor Performance:

18% approve of job Congress is doing; still on low end

Small-Business Pessimism:

Owners' outlook worsens after election

Looking Up:

24% in U.S. say now is a good time to find a quality job

EU Outlook:

Majorities in most countries see dire jobs situation
For the week of Nov 19-23, 2012

New Era?:

Americans think Obama will strive for bipartisanship

Confidence Fades:

U.S. Economic Confidence Index down post-election

Shopping Season:

Americans' holiday spending estimates on par with 2011

Emotionless Place:

Singapore ranks as world's least emotional country

Joblessness & Depression:

Link is similarly strong in U.S. and U.K.

Scandal's Toll:

Petraeus' image takes hit, but remains net positive
For the week of Nov 12-16, 2012

Common Ground:

Americans want compromise to avoid fiscal cliff

Deficit Cut:

45% favor equal parts tax increases and spending cuts

Top Goals:

Americans prioritize economy, entitlements, and Iran

Health Perk:

U.S. entrepreneurs in better health than other workers

Stressed Out:

U.S. workers are least satisfied with job stress and pay
For the week of Nov 5-9, 2012

Top Priorities:

Americans' views on the top five issues facing the U.S.

Code of Conduct:

Majorities in U.S. satisfied with 2012 campaigns


Europeans' confidence in own countries' banks falls to 34%

Better Outlook:

Americans' life outlook is better now than in 2008

U.S. Economic Confidence:

Tied a four-year high in October 2012
For the week of Oct 29-Nov 2, 2012

Placing Bets:

In U.S., 54% say Obama will win; 34% say Romney

Turnout Odds:

Voter turnout will likely be lower than in 2008

Sad Diagnosis:

Americans in poverty twice as likely to be depressed


Many globally see their communities as good for immigrants

Gainfully Employed:

U.S. P2P rate in October is highest since 2010
For the week of Oct 22-26, 2012


Romney, Obama rated similarly on three debates as a whole

Pre-Election Boost:

Congress' job approval improves to 21%

Balance Sheet:

More Americans say they are better off financially


Obesity is up in U.S. among most age groups vs. 2008

Good Jobs Needed:

26% in India have a full-time job with an employer
For the week of Oct 15-19, 2012

Landmark Study:

3.4% identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender

Swing-State Women:

Name abortion No. 1 election issue for women

On the Upside:

Americans' economic confidence best since May


Fewer young adults in U.S. lack health insurance than in past

EU Downer:

Life ratings worsen the most in Cyprus, Spain, and France
For the week of Oct 9-12, 2012

Likely Story:

Likely voters evenly split between Romney and Obama

Polarizing President:

90% approval from Democrats, 8% from Republicans

Not-So-High Stakes:

Vice presidential debates rarely influence voters

Honesty of Elections:

Women worldwide less confident than men

It's Where You Are:

Community satisfaction tied to better health
For the week of Oct 1-5, 2012

U.S. Employment:

45.1% of adults held full-time jobs in September

Middle Man:

Obama seen as better choice for middle-income Americans

September Surge:

U.S. Economic Confidence Index is highest since 2008

Eye on Kenya:

Leadership approval is lower than before 2007 election

Leading by Example:

U.S. physicians are healthier than other adults
For the week of Sep 24-28, 2012

Key Threshold:

Obama hits 50% or higher in vote support, job approval

Craving Unity:

38% in U.S. want one-party control of gov't, a new high

Politics & Economy:

Democrats drive increase in economic confidence

U.S. Image Abroad:

Approval in MENA fell before film sparked protests

Stress Reliever:

Those who maximize their strengths stress less
For the week of Sep 17-21, 2012

Government Power:

54% in U.S. say government is doing too much

Income Spectrum:

34% of lowest income voters support Romney


59% of swing-state voters enthusiastic about voting

Economic Confidence:

Democrats', independents' optimism is up

No Thanks:

82% of Egyptians oppose economic aid from the U.S.

Exercise Uptick:

55% of Americans exercised frequently in August
For the week of Sep 10-14, 2012

Better Off:

Key U.S. indicators improved from when Obama took office

Satisfaction Surge:

U.S. satisfaction climbs to three-year high

Convention Bounce:

Obama up 3 points immediately after convention

Libyans' Views:

95% last spring wanted militias disarmed

Untapped Potential:

Majority in U.S. underutilizing their strengths
For the week of Sep 4-7, 2012

Payroll to Population:

27% of adults worldwide have a full-time job

DNC Dynamics:

Pre-speech, Obama approval trailed favorability

No Bounce:

Support for Romney essentially unchanged after RNC

Iraq's Infrastructure:

Residents of Kurdish region less satisfied

Spending Uptick:

U.S. consumer spending nears four-year high
For the week of Aug 27-31, 2012

Convention Dynamics:

Close races like 2012 have seen shake-ups

Candidate Romney:

GOP nominee has strengths and weaknesses

Positive Sign:

Small-business-owner satisfaction is up to '08 level

Exercise Pays:

Low-income Americans get the biggest emotional boost

Needs Improvement:

U.S. public schools rated far worse than private

Jobs Wanted:

51% in South Africa want gov't to prioritize job creation
For the week of Aug 20-24, 2012

Common Struggle:

In 15 states, 20%+ say they lacked money for food

Now vs. Then:

56% of swing-state voters don't feel better off vs. '08

Convention Potential:

Past bounces ranged from -1 to +16 points


Many in U.S. doubt students are ready for work

Road Bumps:

38% worldwide are dissatisfied with their roads
For the week of Aug 13-17, 2012

Low Point, Again:

10% congressional approval ties for all-time low

Ryan Reaction:

42% say V.P. pick "only fair/poor"; worst since Quayle

A Big Problem:

Majorities in all 50 states overweight or obese

Image Issues:

Oil and gas, federal gov't are lowest-rated U.S. industries

Global Job Gains:

33% in '11 said it's a good time to find work
For the week of Aug 6-10, 2012

Switching Sides:

9% of 2008 Obama voters now back Romney

Anxious Afghans:

Worry, stress levels rising in Afghanistan

Where the Jobs Are:

North Dakota leads U.S. in job creation

Getting It Right:

Utah poised to be the best state to live in

Olympic Debate:

U.S. viewers want top events televised live
For the week of July 30-Aug 3, 2012

Job Well Done:

D.C., Hawaii most approving of Obama in first half of '12

What's the Plan?:

6 in 10 understand Obama, Romney jobs strategy

Downward Drift:

U.S. economic confidence declined to -29 last week

Eating Outlays:

Americans spend an average of $151 on food per week

Work Woes:

57% worldwide in '11 said it was a bad time to find a job
For the week of July 23-27, 2012

Upward Trend:

Obama approval improves in 14th quarter

Opposite of '08:

Republicans lead Democrats in voting enthusiasm

Most Pessimistic:

42% of Greeks expect their lives to get worse

No Monday Blues:

Engaged employees' moods don't sour after weekend

Daily Gulp:

48% of Americans consume soda daily
For the week of July 16-20, 2012

Jobs, Please:

Americans say creating jobs is best fix for economy

Weighed Down:

81% in U.S. call obesity a serious societal problem

Free Fall:

19% in Spain trust their banks, down from 52% in '08

Not the Norm:

39% in Latin America have a formal bank account

Supreme Reversal:

U.S. partisans' views of John Roberts shift sharply
For the week of July 9-13, 2012

Gender Balance:

Women as likely as men to be "thriving" worldwide

Tough Review:

Americans' confidence in TV news drops to new low

Partisan Lens:

Democrats' life ratings are up, Republicans' down

Battle Grounds:

Obama and Romney competitive in Midwest and West


Young U.S. voters less inclined to vote than in '04, '08


Kenya leads sub-Saharan Africa in mobile money transfers
For the week of July 2-6, 2012

Gender Divide:

Women's employment lags men's in 1 in 4 countries

No Safe Haven:

Women feel less safe than men in high-GDP nations

Economic Impact:

Americans see more harm than good in health law

Age Matters:

In U.S., 26+ lose employer healthcare while young gain it

Hope Factor:

Jobless Americans less hopeful now than one month ago
For the week of June 25-29, 2012

Lower Concern:

Pre-ruling, 6% in U.S. saw healthcare as top problem

Workers' Benefits:

Employed report better health than unemployed

Little Credit:

Americans' confidence in U.S. banks falls to record low

Mixed Bag:

Mexicans report fewer gangs, but lower living standards

Major Plus:

Education lifts many sub-Saharan Africans out of poverty
For the week of June 18-22, 2012

Failing Grade:

29% in U.S. are confident in public schools, a new low

Ballot Bias:

18% in U.S. won't vote for Mormon presidential candidate

Power Struggle:

58% in Egypt don't want the military in politics

Tracking Unemployment:

Gallup's U.S. unadjusted rate flat in mid-June

Hot Benefit:

Americans exercising more this year amid warmer weather
For the week of June 11-15, 2012

Economic Lens:

Americans more negative about world than U.S.

Base Line:

Obama has lost support among white voter groups since '08

Slow Improvement:

20% in U.S. see good climate to find a quality job

Double Whammy:

U.S. unemployed have worse health habits


Russians report worst health among emerging economies

Paper Weight:

Many transactions in Sub-Saharan Africa still in cash
For the week of June 4-8, 2012

Anyone's Game:

47% Obama job approval in May points to close election

Not So Bad:

42% in U.S. saw May jobs report as negative

Tough Spots:

Iraqis lead world in experiencing negative emotions

China's Choice:

57% prioritized environment over economic growth in '11

Best Bet:

Exercise and good health linked together in old age
For the week of May 29-June 1, 2012

Europe's Woes:

Americans not highly tuned in but 71% are concerned

Suffering Zone:

South Asia has highest suffering rates in region

Veteran Stronghold:

Romney's lead among men driven by vets

Conservative Tilt:

U.S. adults lean right economically and socially

Choice Groups:

U.S. postgrads, non-religious buck "pro-life" trend
For the week of May 21-25, 2012

Pro-Choice Pivot:

Record low in U.S. identify as pro-choice

Election Roundup:

10 must-know insights into the U.S. presidential race

Good Times:

U.S. Economic Confidence Index climbs to four-year high

Old-Age Benefit:

Americans aged 75+ feel best about their finances

Historic Vote:

82% in Egypt believed presidential election would be fair
For the week of May 14-18, 2012

Egypt's Islamists:

Support declines ahead of presidential election

U.S. Election Climate:

Key indicators look troublesome for Obama

Gaining Popularity:

50% favorability for Romney is up from 39% in Feb.

Financial Lookahead:

63% in U.S. expect to be better off in a year

Stay-at-Home Strain:

Non-employed moms have more negative emotions
For the week of May 7-11, 2012

Divisive Issue:

50% in U.S. support gay marriage; 48% oppose it

Global Problem:

Majority worldwide sees vast corruption in business


32% of 18- to 29-year-olds in U.S. are underemployed

Personality Test:

60% in U.S. say Obama is more likeable than Romney

Oil Spill's Toll:

Gulf residents still worse off emotionally
For the week of Apr. 30-May 4, 2012

Now Hiring:

U.S. Job Creation Index highest since July 2008

Obama Job Approval Uptick:

47% April average is best since May 2011

France's Election Backdrop:

French rate their lives worse in 2012

Inside India:

31% of Indians are suffering, up from 7% in 2008

Credit Deficit:

Credit cards, loans rare in developing countries
For the week of Apr. 23-27, 2012

Global Banking:

50% of adults worldwide have a formal bank account

Homeownership Decline:

62% in U.S. own their home, a Gallup low

Youth Vote:

64% of 18- to 29-year-olds back Obama vs. 29% for Romney

Financial Unease:

39% in U.S. too cash-strapped to live comfortably

Painful Years:

Chronic pain rates in U.S. shoot up from ages 25 to 60
For the week of Apr. 16-20, 2012

Global Unemployment:

8% worldwide were unemployed in 2011

Tie at the Top:

47% global approval of Germany's leadership ties U.S.

Tax Bill:

46% in U.S. say their taxes are too high; 47% say about right

Mom's Vote:

14% of U.S. women stay at home with their children

Rough Season:

U.S. allergy season is stronger, earlier than usual
For the week of Apr. 9-13, 2012

Global Wellbeing:

24% of adults worldwide are "thriving"

Emerging Economies:

Standard of living perceptions largely steady

Disillusioned Latin Americans:

Fewer expect stronger ties with U.S.

Positive Momentum:

Key U.S. economic indicators improved in March

Obama Gaining:

46% job approval in March is up from recent months

Romney's Challenge:

GOP support is low compared with past elections
For the week of Apr. 2-6, 2012

New High:

U.S. economic confidence in March best since January '08

Important Edge:

Obama leads Romney among swing-state independents

Saturation Point?

U.S. uninsured rate for 18- to 25-year-olds plateaus

Mexico's Drug War:

Fewer Mexicans report gangs since crackdown

Arab World Workforce:

Two-thirds of young women are not in labor force
For the week of Mar. 26-30, 2012

Coverage Gap:

Uninsured rates vary from 4% to 50% in U.S. metro areas

Hiring Hot Spot:

Oklahoma City led large U.S. cities in job creation in '11

Greatest Worries:

Americans most concerned with economy, gas prices

Optimism Up:

U.S. economic confidence rises to four-year high of -17

Power Source:

57% of Americans favor use of nuclear energy

Press Freedom:

65% of adults globally say their media are free
For the week of Mar. 19-23, 2012

Wider GOP Lead:

Romney regains double-digit lead over Santorum

Rebuffing U.S.:

56% of Egyptians call closer U.S. relations a bad thing

Key Element:

Clean drinking water linked to food security in Africa

Won't Budge:

12% Congress job approval remains near historic low

Split Decision:

Energy, environment tie as public's preferred priority

Religious Dividend:

Regular churchgoers happier, especially on Sundays
For the week of Mar. 12-16, 2012

Exit This Way:

50% in U.S. want to speed up Afghanistan withdrawal

Right Track:

26% in U.S. satisfied with nation's direction, 10-month high


GOP enthusiasm low for '12 candidates vs. McCain in '08

Quality Job:

19% in U.S. say it's a good time to find one, best since '08

Most Optimistic U.S. City:

Provo-Orem, Utah, leads the nation

Hard Work Pays Off:

Many Europeans think this despite economic issues
For the week of Feb. 27-Mar. 2, 2012

Iranians' Views:

46% want to cut ties with sanctions-imposing nations

Comeback Candidate:

Romney takes back national GOP lead

Healthcare Debate:

47% in U.S. favor, 44% oppose repeal of 2010 law

Obesity Problem:

35.3% rate in W.Va. leads U.S. states

Wellbeing by State:

Hawaii continues to lead, W.Va. does worst

Start-Up Hotspot:

33% of young Qataris plan to start a business
For the week of Feb. 20-Feb. 24, 2012

Revolutions' Toll:

Fewer feel safe in Egypt, Tunisia, and Bahrain

Public Enemies:

Iran and China top Americans' list


Improvement in U.S. economic confidence slows slightly

Competitive Contest:

Romney, Santorum roughly tie Obama nationally

Highest Praise:

Reagan, Clinton rated best of recent U.S. presidents

Obesity Hurts:

Obese Americans report more daily pain
For the week of Feb. 13-Feb. 17, 2012

Contraception Controversy:

Catholics' approval of Obama is steady

Global Standing:

64% in U.S. unhappy with U.S. position in world

Government Workers:

Hawaii, Alaska, D.C. have highest percentages

Friend or Foe:

U.S. favors China ties, but 44% see China unfavorably

Not Covered:

Fewer U.S. adults get health insurance from employer

Nuclear Power:

Iranians mixed on developing it for military use
For the week of Feb. 6-Feb. 10, 2012

Obama and the Economy:

38% approve, up from 26% in August

State Job Markets:

North Dakota workers report best hiring situation

Small-Business Hiring:

22% plan to add jobs, up from 15% in October

Sanctions' Reach:

65% of Iranians expect sanctions to hurt them

No Thanks:

71% of Egyptians oppose economic aid from U.S.

Commuters' Cure?:

Engaged workers don't report more stress or worry
For the week of Jan. 30-Feb. 3, 2012

Obama's Best and Worst:

81% approve in D.C., 29% in Utah

Turning Red:

17 states at least lean GOP, up from 10 in '10

Swing-State Matchups:

Romney ties Obama; Gingrich trails

Hiring Comeback:

+16 Job Creation Index score is best since Sept. '08

Good News From Haiti:

Suffering down, confidence in government up
For the week of Jan. 23-27, 2012

Hot Button Issues:

Economy most toxic of 24 issues in U.S.

Fair Question:

49% in U.S. say economic system is unfair; 45% fair

Uninsured Uptick:

17.1% in U.S. were uninsured in '11, up from '10

Confidence Watch:

U.S. economic confidence best since May

Egypt's Next Steps:

82% expect military to hand over power after election
For the week of Jan. 16-20, 2012

General Acceptance:

60% would be satisfied with Romney-Obama race

Leadership Troubles:

Many EU leaders have low job approval

Nigerians' Frustrations:

94% see widespread corruption in their gov't

Financial Struggles:

49% in U.S. feel worse off than a year ago

Mid-Month Improvement:

8.3% U.S. unemployment as of Jan. 15

Equal Evils:

Americans dislike both big business and big gov't
For the week of Jan. 9-15, 2012

OK With Romney:

59% of Republicans see him as "acceptable" nominee

Independent Streak:

40% in U.S. identify as independents, a record high

Upward Trend:

7-month high in U.S. economic confidence

Slight Slim Down:

26.1% obesity rate in U.S. in '11 is down slightly

Iraqi Wellbeing:

25% were suffering in late '11, up from 14% in '10
For the week of Jan. 3-6, 2012

U.S. Jobs Situation:

8.5% unemployment in Gallup's measure

Obama Approval Up:

46% recent average marks upward trend

GOP Stakes:

National leader after N.H. usually wins nomination

Historic Volatility:

Pre-Iowa, the GOP lead changed 7 times

Most Stressful Days of 2011:

Tornado outbreak, tax day top the list

Disillusionment in Egypt:

Well-off Egyptians become less optimistic

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