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What 1,000 Americans Would Say to President Bush About Iraq

What would you advise President Bush to do if you could talk to him for 15 minutes?


PRINCETON, NJ -- As part of Gallup's Aug. 22-25, 2005, survey, a random sample of 1,007 Americans was asked: "If you could talk with President Bush for 15 minutes about the situation in Iraq, what would you, personally, advise him to do?"

Gallup interviewers entered each open-ended response -- verbatim -- into a computer. The sections that follow present these responses in their totality, in random order. The reader is urged to look through these responses carefully; they provide an excellent, more in-depth way to gauge the current sentiment of Americans on the war.

Gallup coders read through each response and assigned it to a broad response category. The percentage of responses assigned to each category is as follows.

If you could talk with President Bush for 15 minutes about the situation in Iraq, what would you, personally, advise him to do? [OPEN-ENDED]

2005 Aug 22-25


Pull the troops out and come home/end it


Finish what was started/be more aggressive


Doing a good job/continue with your actions


Come up with and execute a well-thought-out exit strategy


Get them trained and let them run their own country


Build up the military/send more troops


Keep the public informed/be honest/explain actions


Join in and work with the United Nations


Admit to past mistakes/apologize


Take care of our own problems


Work with and improve advisory board


Improve the homeland security






No opinion


* Less than 0.5%

Percentages add to more than 100% due to multiple responses.

The type of response given in answer to this question about Iraq differed significantly by demographic and political category. This table presents the distribution of categorized responses by age/gender and party identification.

Total sample

18-49 men

18-49 women

50+ men

50+ women












Pull the troops out and come home/end it









Finish what was started/be more aggressive









Doing a good job/continue with your actions









Come up with and execute a well-thought-out exit strategy









Get them trained and let them run their own country









Build up the military/send more troops









Keep the public informed/be honest/explain actions









Join in and work with the United Nations









Admit to past mistakes/apologize









Take care of our own problems









Work with and improve advisory board









Improve the homeland security



























No opinion









* Less than 0.5%

Percentages add to more than 100% due to multiple responses.

Here are the individual survey responses:

I would just let him do his job that is what we elected him for.

Get out of there as soon as possible before they lose any more good soldiers.

I would tell him to find a way to get them out of there; we should have never gone in there in the first place.

Explain the situation better.

Get our troops out of there.

Bring our boys home. Stop the war.

Send our boys home.

We cannot leave until it's done.

Stay the course; too many people have died to pull out.

We're in it and we've got to complete it. If we cut and run we've lost 2,000 people for nothing. We need more troops.

Pull the troops out.

Get out.

Send more troops.

We need to bring it to a respectable close; we need to have a plan to bring our young men home. Accelerate the training of Iraqis.

Get out.

I think he's doing the best -- I wouldn't want them over there.

Get out.

I would advise him to move the troops to safety and bomb the (swear word) out of them and maybe send a few bombs to North Korea and Iran while we are at it.

Get out of there.

Get out.

Hold the course.

Stop the war, period.

Get our troops home.

He has to stay the course, too much involved; we have to take care of those poor people over there.

Advise him to get out unless he has a really good reason for staying; he's wasting lives and money.

End the war as soon as possible.

Quit. Do what he has to do.

To go on doing what he is doing.

I would say try to get out of there as fast as possible.

I feel bad that American lives are being lost, and it is about time that we get out of there.

Vote for somebody else for president.

Get out.

Bring them back.

Put more troops over there and get the people of Iraq trained faster to take care of themselves.

Pull out of Iraq.

Put it to an end.

I know it is very difficult on what he is doing but I wouldn't give him any kind of advice. Because he is more informed about more than I am just from what I hear we cannot just walk away from there, as much as I would love to.

Spend more money.

We just need to stay on the path we are going on today until we can withdraw.

I think it was a just war, my husband actually served there. I think it was necessary and I don't think we're going to be stuck there forever, so he needs to look for ways to get us out of there.

Bomb them.

Send our boys home.

To get out as quickly as possible.

If you want our sons and daughters to go over there -- send your own two daughters there first! They are no better than our children.

Continue the course.

Stay the course.

Not to be ashamed of his Christian faith and to seek guidance from our god. To continue to listen to his advisers and follow their recommendations. A good leader listens to the experts and we have to make the assumption that he has good advisers. As ordinary citizens we don't have all the information. Not to follow or get hung up on the polls.

-- continued --

It's okay to help them, but he should also focus in our own needs here as well.

Need to get out of there but it is an impossible situation, come up with exit strategy and somehow stabilize that country.

Get out.

Attempt to get the Iraqis to govern themselves sooner than later so we can move our troops out.

Bring the troops home. Why are we killing them?

I wouldn't be talking about over there until we get fixed here; he needs to worry about us first.

Bring our troops home.

Sit and communicate to the American public a definite plan to bring our troops home and understand that all Americans make mistakes and understand if he would admit it. To understand that it is not the job of the U.S. to import our style of democracy to the rest of the world and when he talks about freedom in Iraq and that the Patriot Act is taking away our freedom.

Be tougher.

Ratchet it up or think of coming home.

I would advise him to deploy sufficient troops in Iraq and get out in the next year.

Put the big shots over there and their kids and it will end it.

Bring our boys home.

Get out.

Pick one or the other. Do it right or get out. Let the military do it or get out.

You have professional advisers and take it from there.

Try to get the Iraqis to run their own country and bring our soldiers home.

Bring our boys home; they have been there long enough and we have people at home that need to be taken care of.

Get on the media and say all the good things he's doing about schools and hospitals. Media only covers the negative.

Let's get enough troops in there to get the job or let's pull out. We don't have enough troops and need more equipment.

Make a short-term best effort to get them to defend themselves and then leave.

Blow up the whole (swear word) country.

Don't think we should be over there for that long -- he should do something different.

Turn it over to the Iraqis as soon as possible.

To build up the borders!

Get out of Iraq as quickly as he can! The problems in Iraq: the people in Iraq have never been able to agree on anything for years and years! We can't expect them to live like we do! We would have to wait for another generation to grow up and then maybe?

Pull the guys.

Send his relation and his girls.

End war and the boys and girls come home.

Get some kind of a plan so the public knows what his intentions are.

Stay out of other people's business and worry about us; if they don't want us there just come on home.

Pull out our troops.

Get out when he can.


Waste of time to get democracy going. Declare victory and come home. Most of the people in that culture like being told what to do.

Shoot them before they shoot you. Keep military there, if we pull out the insurgents will take over.

Bring our troops home and let them battle it out for themselves; they are not a democratic entity and we have no business trying to impose.

Probably pull out.

Set goals and if they are not accomplished -- leave the country. Let them fight their own war.

Get out.

Get our men out of there; they shouldn't been there.

We need more troops there, and we need to do something and do something quick; we need to stay, but not like another Vietnam.

Pull out of Iraq. Concentrate more on Afghanistan and capturing Osama bin Laden.

Hang himself.

I guess to pull out as soon as possible and concentrate our interests on our home economy.

I am a veteran and it was held against me; I don't know, no comment.

Bring all the troops back. There is no point to them being over there. Should maintain this country and not worry about another country.

First of all, what the (swear word) are you lying about? Why are we there? We don't know why so just get the (swear word) out of there. Stop playing games. Why are we fighting a war for these reasons? My son's there, where's your son?

Keep doing what he is doing.

To take care of business and make it right.

Finish the job!

Not to pull out, we have to stay the course. I think we're eventually going to find the weapons of mass destruction and the chemical. They're hidden in the desert or another country.

Start bringing the boys home.

Just keep going and hope it won't be too long.

Put more troops in and get out as quickly as we can.

Get cleaned up over there and get home; bring our boys home.

Not a detrimental thing to do. I don't think we could get out of Iraq because of the situation we have there. We can't walk out right now.

Step in full force, get it done, and get home.

It is a horrible mess he's gotten us into, but we can't just walk out, but we have to begin to get out. We cannot be the world's policemen.

Try to find some way to get out of it and not get into Iran.

I would not be in a position to advise him. I would abide by any decision he would make in regards to the war in Iraq.

Start telling the truth.

Well um ... I'd say take the gloves off! Go to Iran next, then North Korea! He's not micromanaging the war!

Get it over with, completely get it over with or get the people out.

Continue what they're doing.

They need to publicize the amount of deaths occurring with our soldiers. It's silly that we have to check with British news to find out how many American deaths there are and they don't tell us how many deaths. Probably to have a legitimate reason for starting the war first of all. They didn't find any proof for these weapons of mass destruction, did they?

Get out!

Pull out.

Pull out.

Keep going as he is going. Hold the course.

Stop the need to control the situation from our end of it. Withdraw our troops. Apologize to the international community.

It is too late to advise; as long as we are backing Israel the Muslim nations will not go along with us.

Send the troops home.

Throw more troops in.

Continue, keep up the great work basically, and continue to try to get the terrorists, or the folks that are really causing the problems. I would just encourage him to keep on doing what he's doing.

Send our troops home.

Get more forceful; solve to get things done over there.

Get out as fast as possible.

Get out.

Get out now!

First of all he's been trying to make peace with them. Let our troops come home! I feel we are not allowed to approach him with anything! Maybe let them try to run their own country.

Get the (swear word) outta there.

Bring our troops home safely.

Bring our men home. Let them take care of themselves.

Stay the course.

Figure out when to set a timetable for getting out.

Talk to the country and talk better, just explain to the country what is going on over there.

Pull the soldiers out!

Get out.

Probably try to work with the Sunnis.

Limit our time there and pull out.

Arrange for a pullout at the earliest convenience.

At this point I'm not sure we should really just leave -- but we should have never gone in there.

To spend the money that we are spending on Iraq on alternative fuel sources -- biodiesel.

Keep up the good work.

I don't think we should have gone to war.

Hurry up and get everyone home.

Kill them all and let god sort out the good and the bad.

Finish what he started.

Bring the men and women home because this is not their fight.

Get out; he went out under false pretenses to the country.

Go over there and do it himself.

Find a manhole, take off the cover, and jump in. We need to stop the war. He lied; he got us into that war under false pretenses and outright lying.

We have to stay over there; I don't think they could pull out now. We have to battle it out. I disapproved of going in there from the very beginning.

Not a thing because he doesn't listen.

Try and get international aid into Iraq and stop thinking only about American interests and start thinking about the local Iraqi interests as well.

I don't think we should have gone but now that we are there we need to get our troops home as soon as possible.

To stop and think of whether we are part of problem or part of the solution. Take a look at the situation.

Situation of will and trade, wages in this country are not, what effect does that have on our country.

To do what he feels is right in his heart.

We're going to have stay there; we can't turn tail and run.

To get our troops out as soon as possible.

Withdraw us. Don't let Iraq be another Vietnam.

Get the (swear word) out.

Find an exit strategy with a timeline.

President Bush, if he had a son of draft age, would he want to have him go to war?

Bring our men home; let those people fight their own battles. If it wouldn't have been for a Bush in office, there would not have been 9/11. They were retaliating for what his father did.

Pull the troops and nuke them.

Listen to his advisers more closely, rather than doing things he would do more personally.

To get the troops home as quickly as possible. Minimize the process. Have other nations come in to do the job; a UN effort.

Provide enough soldiers to win the war or get out; require the nation to sacrifice in name of the soldiers.

Since he started the war, but it is going to be necessary. Gracefully exit. Find a way to get out of there as soon as possible.

I think that there needs to be a better plan to figure out about insurgents and how to fight against it.

Go over and spend a month defending our country; no pie jobs.

To take the boys out of there.

Stay the course.

What were you thinking? But other than that I don't know.

Try to start withdrawing the troops.

Stop the war!

Focus on domestic issues. Get us out. Take care of the people over there.

Probably leave, they don't want us there, we shouldn't be there.

Withdraw the people as soon as he can.

Get out.

Bring the soldiers home.

Get out!

Stay the course.

Thinking about a way of pulling out.

He needs to bring our people home and let Iraq take care of themselves; since we got rid of the person over there that he wanted to get rid of, it is time to come home.

Leave it alone.

Pull out.

To do the best job that he can in the quickest way he can.

Not lose faith and stay the course.

I would men pull the men out of Iraq; leave them alone.

Take the gloves off with Iran and Syria and make them get their act together.

Stop dealing with distractions.

Needs to start taking care of business then get out.

Let the people deal with it and pull the troops out.

Stay the course.

Bring our men out of there, we do not have business over there.

Get out and get out quick.

The idea of pulling out so suddenly.

Bring our troops home and secure our own country.

Get tougher on the people that they capture to get more information on the people that they haven't captured.

First, I think it's right to be there, but that he should stay the course.

Ask him to keep us informed as much as he's able to.

I say start making plans for the future instead of guessing.

He is doing a great job. I wouldn't advise him.

Take a firm stand if we are going to be there.

To admit the war was a mistake.

We need to stay the course. It would have been nice had we not gone in but I was for it. I think there should be a curfew over there when nothing moves on the street. We have got to help them get a constitution; it won't work if it is ours. I don't think embarrassing somebody is the major problem. I think the borders are a problem. I have a big problem with illegal aliens, not legal immigrants. I don't have a problem if they go through the hoops and get citizenship.

Hussein was not a threat to the U.S. but a threat to his own people.

Come up with an exact date and time for a troop withdrawal.

That he was an absolute fool to start the war.

Bring home the troops.

I'd say if he's going to stay there get a little tougher.

I would encourage him to close Guantanamo Bay. Be more honest about the war effort. To escalate the war and to help solve the war quickly.

Get out of that job.

Get our troops out of there.

Get out.

Reach some kind of accommodation with the other countries of the world. I do not think that the United States can bring about the changes that Bush would like to see made. The U.S. alone can not bring about these changes; they need the help of all the other countries of the world.

Exit strategy with stabilization for Iraq.

Hurry up and finish the job.

Listen to the people.

Beef up the service men; there aren't enough service men over there to get it done faster.

Cut and run.

Just remember Vietnam, it's different but it is somewhat parallel. Develop some kind of cohesive plan to get our troops out, including a plan to leave the country with some type of order government and infrastructure so that it will not resolve to chaos; we do have responsibility.

Get our troops home.

Would like to see them probably get out of there.

Get out of there.

We aren't going to win, but we can't cut and run.

Also ask him to give people … Ask him to stop the war.

Get us out.

Get our troops out of there; if he's going to have a draft he can draft his twin daughters.

Send the troops home.

Put exit strategy plan immediately; he should have had an exit plan before; you do not go to war without an exit strategy.

-- continued --

Get it over with as fast as possible.

Keep going.

Start cutting back troops; let Iraq take care of itself.

Get out.

Tell him never to be there and secondly I think we have to set an alliance to get out of there on time.

Stop the war and move out. It has gotten worse than what it was before. Worse than when we started.

Come to an agreement.

Long-term determination on how long we are supposed to be there and extra things that we are going to use.

I would advise him to stay there until we've got the job finished.

Pull out as soon as we can.

Turn everything over to the Marine Corps. Let Marines do their job.

Finish war.

Do what he is doing.

Asking to handle it some way to keep going to war.

Please bring our boys home, please.

Remove the troops and bring them home; he is spending too much money and not doing anything.

About time you developed a long-term policy; democracy must evolve from within, cannot be imposed from an outside power.

Finish the job he started.

End the senseless war, it's getting us nowhere; pull the troops out and bring them home.

We need to get the heck out as soon as possible and we should never have been there to begin with.

Get our boys back home.

Keep pushing.

To get the (swear word) job done and get our boys home!

Make sure that the troops are doing all right.

For women to get at the table and talk things out because apparently the men can't do it. Take the troops out of there.

I would hold steadfast to following through with the initial plan and not waste the lives that were lost in Iraq. (Personal descriptor), and I feel that we need to stick it out in order to accomplish the goal that he had in going over there.

We need to get out but we need a plan for getting out, we need to get out sooner rather than later and we need to look at why there's so much hatred against the United States; we need to try and look at that instead of try and fix it later.

Get the (swear word) out of there, let them people deal with their own problems we have enough problems in our country.

I think he needs to pull our people out of there; that's been going on for 4,000 years and they are not going to change and they do not want us there.

Pull out as soon as possible.

Bring the troops home.

Don't avoid questions; opposing views; talk more with your generals; give your opinion without feeling threatened.

I would advise him that we have no business doing what we're doing and that we are shooting blind, and that we need to come home. The U.S. is not the world's police force.

Meet with the leaders and see what their plans are for the future.

Tear it up or get out. Get it on or get it off.

Send more troops and improve intelligence.

They are going to attack again and no one can stop it.

If I were going to advise him I would want to go over there and see for myself. To do what he thinks is right for our county.

Put more troops there -- got to have to defeat these people in their territory.

Show us what needs to happen in order for us to pull out.

Continue on in present course and I like the direction we're going; we need to get out of there obviously, but we need to finish what we started.

To let it go because it is a no-win situation.

Get it over as soon as possible.

I wish he would admit he made a mistake in going to war. The whole thing was based on a lie. Iraq had nothing to do with terrorism. The whole thing was designed to help businesses make money, for the military industrial complex.

Get some sort of plan for withdrawal of the troops.

He has to stay, he had made all these promises, and just let (swear word) do it. He should come up with some weapons of mass destruction and maybe people will believe him.

To protect soldiers more, better way to take care of them, better way to watch them.

Use as much force as possible to get it done and get out of there.

Hit them harder.

Get the (swear word) out. Withdraw as soon as possible; we need to take care of our home front first.

Back away; pull some out and let them become more responsible for their own good.

Bring the boys home.

Bring our people home.

Let the Iraqi people run their own (swear word) country; get the army out of there.

Do what he's doing.

He is still doing the right thing; improve ability to improve his job without generalizing.

I would put more pressure on Iran and Syria to stop the insurgents coming over.

To do what he's doing.

Oil problem. Blow the place up and get out.

Finish the job.

Get the (swear word) out of there, let them fight their own battles.

Continue to keep our troops in Iraq until they have their government set up and they have adequate protection with their own military or police force. It's important we set up a democracy over there.

Pull the troops out. I think it could turn into another Vietnam.

Tell the truth of weapons of mass destruction and why are we there if there weren't any.

I would say to get things wrapped up over there soon and get out.

To take the gloves off and let the troops do the job that they are supposed to do and get the heck out of there. Keep focused on the terrorists and their camps and using more intelligence to find out who these people are and eliminate them.

Thank him for his candor. I would like to see a successful end to the Iraq issue.

Address to the public how critical this all is.

Listen to (personal descriptor), who is over there. He says mom, support this because we need to finish the job.

Continue as he is now.

Get the (swear word) out.

I don't like our men over there, but we can't just leave either.

Pull out. Let them take care of themselves.

To win it, and get it over with.

Try to aim for stabilizing the government.

Seems like the media is only covering the negative side. Inform the people of more the positive side of it!

Get rid of all the people that are making the racket over there.

Get the (swear word) out and let them fight each other.

Americans to fight a war we could do more undercover work trying to stop the insurgents.


Pull out.

Get out now before more of the country turns against him.

Get realistic.

More action on insurgents.

Get out.

Let the people over there take care of themselves; he's not making things any better.

Shouldn't have gone there.

Pull out and come home and help people at home, charity begins at home.

Get the U.S. troops out right now.

Be more aggressive.

Met with Cindy Sheehan a long time ago. He's living in a fantasy world and he's stonewalling himself. Worldwide opinion is against the U.S. on the war. As long as there's no resolution the economy won't improve, standard of living won't improve.

Get out. It's not okay to live your own life while people are dying. Get out.

Get out.

Rumsfeld should go and the cost of the soldiers is too high; do not think war is going as well and should surround himself with people that know what they are doing.

Stay there and get it done.

Made a mistake going in, now that we are there we have to stick out the long haul.

To withdraw. Bring the troops home. Concentrate on us more.

To stay the course he's on and not be swayed by his detractors.

I would tell Bush it's going take time in Iraq to create an adequate democracy; I think he should have been more clear with the American people about the reasons for going to Iraq in the first place but all and all I think it was a necessary step to secure this country both politically and economically as a viable power in the world today.

Bring our troops home.


Ought to have a child in Iraq and know what is going on.

Bring our troops home.

Take a harder-line stance and eliminate the problems over there quickly.

To get out.

Carefully prepare an exit plan and follow it. I am not terribly in favor of the position that all countries need to be a democracy and I do not like the arrogant attitude that we have and it has a negative effect. Internationally, Bush has hurt us.

Get things together, we have troops over there dying.

Get our soldiers out.

Kill them all; kill them all off.

Don't be afraid to withdraw, there should be a timeline. I am more worried about getting caught in a quagmire in the Middle East.

I think I would enlist the help of other countries and get them to help because it is an international problem.

Get it over with, now.

Pull out; concentrate on Pakistan, Afghanistan, and where the real problem is.

Get some of our soldiers back home, because I really feel this war isn't doing any good.

Get the troops out of there, we should have never of sent them over there in the first place.

Get the (swear word) out; it's another Vietnam.

I would advise him to listen to his advisers and do what his advisers felt was the best route to go; the military advisers.

Quit the war.

Keep up the good work.

To declare victory and pull out.

Continue what he is doing.

Try to do the best interest of the Iraq people.

As soon as possible, without everything collapsing, we have to leave.

Get our people out of there, bring the young people back home to their families and women.

We have to get out.

Try to make it better for the people out here instead of making it worse.

Make sure he has a policy for withdrawal of the troops.

Don't know.

Shoot himself.

Nothing; I am praying for you the lord give you the wisdom to know what to do.

Drop back and re-group and re-consider the whole thing!

I advise him to try to come up with some plan to get out of there because we seem to be mired down right now and we're losing lives every day; need to find a way to expedite things but I don't know how you do that.

I would continue to support the Iraqi people. Keep up the good work.

Keep going until it's done, doing a good job.

Get out. Should not have ever gone there.

Keep our country informed and make the troops there as safe as possible; whatever the government can do as far as body armor, vehicles, and weaponry communications and training. I agree with him being over there we just need to use all of the technology in our arsenal to help them do the job.

Get more Iraqis trained faster than they are being trained.

Pull out.

Get our troops out of there as soon as possible, if not immediately.

Know that media isn't saying a lot of the good things over there. (Personal descriptor), and lost lives, but had to stop Hitler. Someone has to help over there.

To keep it up doing a good job.

Be more decisive and get more done.

I don't think that he has handled it very well so far, he needs better advisers, he needs to dump Dick Cheney, and he needs to get his head out of the sand. He needs to be realistic rather than idealistic.

To settle it, just completely settle the issue all together, there's no point in our soldiers still being over there.

Tell him he should not have done it.

Hurry up and kill the situation; there is too many people being killed.

Get out.

Get out.

Talk with some of his officers on the decisions they make.

Bring our boys back home, let the Iraqis keep their oil, and forget it.

Stop saying that you understand how the parents of these young men who have been killed feel! I have (personal descriptor)! You cannot understand how we feel!

Pull our guys out.

Supply the troops the stuff they need and do the job and turn it over to the military; keep the (swear word) politicians out of it.

Stay the course.

Iraq was a big mistake.

I understand we have to take care of this country; he's doing alright over there and he went over there to disarm al Qaeda; talk to him about that and not bash him to go over there.

Keep doing what he is doing. It's a tough job. Tell him the ones that are concerned about terrorism are foreign. The people that don't want to fight terrorism over there want to fight it over here. He's for him. We've got to do it.

To stay the course; don't listen to the minority, listen to the silent majority! Exactly what he's doing!

Get it under control.

We're already there, we're already in a bag of (swear word); I don't know, I wouldn't tell him anything, he wouldn't listen anyway.

Get an out plan within the next year.

Tell us more of his plan to get the troops out of Iraq and also thank him for what he's done for us.

Tell him to continue to do what he is doing but listen to the people of the United States and their claims to pull the troops out and take into consideration.

Fight harder.

Innocent. Kick the (swear word) out of enemy.

Finish our term for the Iraqi people then let them stand on their own two feet.

That he should try to work for a pullout of American troops as soon as is reasonably possible.

I would advise him to internationalize whatever forces are required to maintain some stability at any cost and get the U.S. armed forces out to the extent possible.

Have a long-term withdraw policy and also engage the local officials more closely.


Pull out.

Continue what he is doing.

Get out of there.

Make one big oil pond of that whole section of that country. Suggest that he raise the stakes and put more people more in the field, blow up more people and kill more people and then send missiles into Iran.

I would advise him to put more pressure on the Iraqis and make a plan to get out of that situation.

I think that nothing is getting done, and there's like no … I just can't explain it.

Wrap it up and bring them home!

Pull out.

Stay the course.

Stopping it. Talking to him about talking to the people over there to get our troops home safely.

You should never have done it; get out.

Try to take control, I guess.

Send the troops home.

Either commit the proper number of soldiers to end the problem, or get out.

Get out of Iraq; should not have been in there in the first place.

Try to cut down on human casualties with the military.

Bring the troops home immediately.

Be more aggressive with the terrorists and not worry about world opinion.

Be able to see progress see this coming. Learn from mistakes in Vietnam.

Pull out and let the boys go home -- it's a shame all these people getting killed.

Send my troops.

Get out of Iraq; we should not have been there in the first place; he lied about our reasons for being there.

Get the (swear word) out.

Pull our men out. We're only there because of the oil, because of money. We should pull our men out; we shouldn't be there. They're going to kill each other after we leave. We go in there to save them and they're killing us. When he first did it I thought it was the right move, but now I think we should get out of there.

Get out of there.

Broadly communicate his exit strategy.

Bring the troops back, they are getting killed.

To seriously get the troops out by Christmas 2006.

Get the troops out.

I would advise him to stay until the people are educated enough to handle themselves.

Continue what he's doing. Make it a democracy just as we set out to do; whatever it takes.

I think he should stay there until he does his job, but if he doesn't have enough soldiers to do his job then get more. I'd tell him to get some more soldiers over and wind that place up and get out of there; he ain't got enough over there I don't think.

Pull the troops out as wisely as possible before we have another Vietnam.

Find a common ground and let them take care of their own problem, pretty much.

I think I would say stick with what you are doing.

Get out of Iraq -- I don't know what we are doing there.

Try to get our troops back safely and as quickly as possible.

Make a telephone call to Howard Dean and ask him how to get out of it.


We can't play the good guy and play by the rules when we're fighting people who don't play by the rules; we should not take prisoners, it's pointless and adds to our problem and close our borders.

Pull out immediately.

Get out of the situation.

Include other world leaders to resolve issues.

To stay the course.

Leave the country and bring the troops back home; it's not our problem.

Beat the (swear word) out of them.

Pray before he makes any decisions. Don't listen to all the people that don't know what's going on. Do what he thinks is right.

Find a glamorous way to get out of there.

Try to stabilize it. Not stay forever.

Get them out of there; it's ridiculous.

Be more open minded to different approaches to it.

Start to pull out; it has been this way for 6,000 years and it's going to be the same after we leave.

Pull out. Let them figure it out for themselves.

Bring the boys home -- not enough over there and not going anywhere.

I would tell him to send enough troops in the first time, turn it over to the Iraqis and get out.

Bring them home; they don't appreciate what we are doing.

Get out of office.

Get out as soon he can.

We don't want to spend too much money over there.

I would probably tell him to get our troops out of Iraq but do it after he has trained them to take care of themselves.

End the war as soon as possible.

To try and stabilize and get himself out of this; try to stay out of other conflicts.

There has to be another way of doing it rather than soldiers building buildings and getting killed. Let the insurgents come to them. It's suicide.

I do not agree with the reason we went over there but we have to finish the job.

-- continued --

I would put more men in there and get it over with.

To bring our soldiers home that should have never been over there to begin with.

Pull the troops out of Iraq.

Ask him why we are at war.

Stay the course.

Turn it over to the Iraqi people and the United Nations.

Stay the course; don't give up to all the defeatists.

Kind of wonder what we headed into...

To get the (swear word) out of there as soon as possible.

Do the best we can and try to win the war as soon as we can and get out of there.

Increase the troops.

Stay the course; we can't pull out.

Get good advice and clarity about what we are planning to do.

Send everyone home.

Leave Iraq and concentrate on making homeland safer.

Wrap things up soon as possible. Why did you go in there first off?

Bring our troops home. I feel he's done enough, he set out to accomplish one thing and I feel that we have.

Keep up the good work. I support his decision on doing what he did.

I don't know, I'm not over there; get out as soon as possible.

Stay the course.

Either fully commit troops or get out of there and give them all the equipment they need.

Try to get it over with.

I don't think we need to be there anymore.

I'd say this time to pull out; although I'm not against that we went there.

Accelerate the pace of the war.

Get out of there; we have no business over there doing what we are doing, it is another Vietnam, him and Cheney should be behind bars for what they are doing.

I would try to tell him to get out as soon as possible and do everything he could to make it end.

All the problems in the Middle East and Iraq stem from our involvement in that area. If we'd get out they wouldn't attack us.

I wouldn't be qualified about Iraq but would ask him other questions, more personal questions, less political oriented.

Since we have footed the bill we ought to get 79 cent gas for 10 years.

As long as we're pushing back over there our country hasn't had another terrorist attack. I'd advise him to keep doing what he's doing because as long as we're over there we're keeping them from coming over here.

Leave them alone.

Stay the course of what he is doing.

Go in, get the job done, and get out; quit messing around.

Leave things alone a bit.

Invade Venezuela and get rid of Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez. He had every right to do what did but he should pull out and give it back to the Iraqis.

I would advise him to pull those troops out of there and have those people pull their own country together.

You are doing a good job.

Hurry up and get the job done. Do everything you have to do to get the job done.

Control it; do what he can do to make things better.

Get our boys home.

Stop lying.

Withdraw the troops.

Pull out.

I would tell him to get our boys and girls out alive.

Increase the troop forces.

Bring troops home.

Try to help those people as much as we can, and get our troops out of there as soon as we can. Finish the job and get our guys home.

Put more troops to finish it or get out.

Bring them home.

Encourage more participation to the people themselves so that the Iraqis can take over.

I think he's doing a good job -- I don't have any problems with how he's doing it.

Continue on and finish it.

Start planning on bringing people home.

As long as our troops are there, that keeps them over there.

I would say get more serious with these people.

Get out.

Try to set a time to get out!

Get their act together; they, the Sunnis and Shiites and other Islamic groups, Kurds, etc., have been fighting forever and need to get their act together, get along. I would suggest that Bush get an impartial committee from the United Nations (to have everyone involved) go through each point of the constitution and get each faction's opinion and try to get them to decide what is best for all the people, not just each group.

He, as much of possible, should not interfere too much; let them try to figure it out themselves.

Pull our people out and let them fight.

Pull out and figure out how to amend to the rest of the world and admit that we can make mistakes.

Don't know.

Develop and execute the exit strategy.

Admit his mistakes and work with the other governments to get out of Iraq.

Ask him to look more openly at families who have family members in Iraq.

Tell the truth. First it was weapons of mass destruction then it was what does that mean about the noble cause statement.

Reassess the situation. Consider figuring out a way to pull out.

Worry about media after. In certain cases level it.

Stand by your guns.

Find an exit strategy pretty soon; fight smarter, not harder.

More troops, more equipment -- let's get it done.

Bomb them!

Withdraw troops.

Don't invade; anybody who invades Iraq is foolish.

Get out.

Mind his own business, and the fact he's helping out his Texas tycoon oil buddies, because of the price of gas.

Withdraw from the situation as soon as possible.

Start taking more action to prevent the terrorists from killing our troops.

Take a harder stance.

It is an unmitigated disaster and he should be ashamed of himself; bring American troops home immediately.

Wrap it up and get the (swear word) out.

Troop build-up.

Quit dilly-dallying and go get them.

Get out of there.

Find a better strategy than what he's doing now.

Try to bring our boys home.

Pull out of there.

Like to see peace to a certain degree. Like to see the troops to come home.

Carry on.

I agree with Netanyahu from Israel -- you have to fight terrorism with terrorism. I agree with everything he's doing. He's kept terrorism out of this country.

Tell us why we are there truthfully.

Find a graceful way for the American military involvement to stop.

To bring our soldiers home right away and quit worrying about the oil over there. Find other oil sources if possible.

Try and streamline and get out a little faster.

Come clean with all mistakes; come forward with an end game.

To get a plan. Implement the plan to get out with a few other choice words.

Try to get them to govern themselves as much as possible so they can come home; our troops.

Get them out.

Before he invades another country for terrorism to have proof positive.

Say something about not sending as many troops over there, only what we need; I'm sure that's what he's doing, but it seems like a lot of residents in our area are being sent away.

A good plan to get the job done; well, not just run and bail out.

More involved with the troops. Get country more involved.

Keep doing what he's doing.

Pull our boys out because they are dying; if his daughters were going to war he'd pull them out.

I think he's handling it okay the way he's doing.

Get the (swear word) out.

Invest more of our troops and money.

Explain to Americans why his emphasis on the war has changed from weapons of mass destruction to the war on terrorism and explain the ties between Iraq and terrorism, which I just don't see.

I wouldn't personally advise him to pull all our troops out right now; I would say gradually pull them out.

Find a way to get out.

Get out.

Since we are there we need to stick it out but we need to have a clear plan to leave and make sure they are stable and be a responsible government by themselves.

Put some more troops and get the job done.

Pull out now. Don't give that country another dime.

I think he is following his policy as best advised.

There's a lot of unfinished business in the U.S.

Bring the men home.

Get the heck out.

Stick with the plan and keep Congress out.

I have (personal descriptor) and I would ask him why he is still getting our kids killed. I (personal descriptor).

I would tell him to stay the course.

Ask him to pull all allied forces out of the region and let the Iraqi government take care of it themselves.

(Personal descriptor). A family member was fortunate enough to not be sent. If the war is over, we don't need to have that large number of troops over there. We could bring them home.

Deploy the troops out.

Stay the course.

Get out.

We've stuck our noses into other countries' foreign policy instead of taking care of our own people, that's what made our country strong and great is that we took care of our own people. I think for one we need to get their people trained to take over government a lot faster, and we need to get out of there because we're losing more service people now than we were before hand. We need to give advice and not force our government opinions onto them; we want them to have a democracy, but if they should choose that's not what they want, they should be able to decide; we should not be dictating government to them.

Develop plan where we can pull out with grace.

Start being more honest about what is really going on over there.

Pull out as soon as possible.

To send more troops over there, get the job done right, set up a functioning military, then get out and let them run their own country.

Bring our guys home; I still support him, but I want those guys home; I'm tired of kids getting killed.

Get the (swear word) out. He should have never gone in there. If he was Vietnam vet he would have never gone it to start with.

Encourage him to be more aggressive.

To try and get the exit strategy out of Iraq.

Get our troops out.

Not helping them rebuild.

I'd say since we went in we can't leave, we can't just pull out like so many people think, but I think we need to get it turned over the Iraqi people as soon as possible, so we can began pulling our own people out.

Peace on earth.

He is doing as good a job as he can.

Not to listen to neo-conservatives and just get the heck out of there.

Probably to honestly listen to his commanders on the ground because I don't think he is. Remove Rumsfeld; I would ask him why he keeps Rumsfeld.

I think he's doing fine.

Send more people there or bring home what's there now.

Remove bad power. Let them take care of forming their own government without our assistance or advice.

Do what he's doing.

Finish the job.

I would advise him to get out.

I would say he made a terrible mistake and it's going to be very hard to get out, and it's going to take a long, long time; I hope he certainly, or his party, is not in office long.

I would probably tell him to get out.

Pull the soldiers out of Iraq.

I think we need to stay the course.

Get out.

Get the (swear word) out.

No comment.

It's time to pull our troops out; I agreed with him when we went in, but I think it is time we got the (swear word) out of there; it's obvious he made a mistake, fess up, and get out.

Pull troops out.

Get a smarter general.

Try to get things straightened out. Do something about the price of gas!

Come up with a means of addressing their own problems that refers to the people of Iraq and its administration.

Remember that it is not a cookie cutter and we are not dealing with other countries like us; we are messing with the Arabic country.

Pull our troops out and let Iraq handle their own problems because we have enough problems here.

Get our men out of there as soon as we can.

Get the kids outta there.

To put all efforts to making an exit to protect our troops. Go on TV and apologize to the people for getting us there in the first place.

Hurry and get it done with.

Bring the troops home!

Have a more specific plan as to when we get out and let them be on their own.

I would ask him why he went over there and what is he trying to get out of it.

Bring the guys home.

Stop what's going on or whatever.

I would tell time to except that he cannot make democracies and that he needs to withdraw.

Get the troops out and bring them home.

Send his daughters over.

Pull our troops out of Iraq and bring them home immediately. We can't fight a war that they have been fighting for 300 years. For 300 years they have been fighting each other ... We can't continue to take bullets and get blown up!

Get it over with quick.

Getting out.

Pull our troops out.

Get out.

Fire Donald Rumsfeld. Secured the borders right when you went in; better protection for reporters so they can give a good story; military equipment is not first rate.

Resolve the situation as soon as possible, but completely resolve it; don't leave it unfinished.

Um, get more troops in there and finish it up.

Tell the truth.

Finish what he has started.

Finish what he started.

To hold out his guns the way he is doing; doing a good job.

Get our troops out as soon as possible.

I think you are doing a good job! As soon as possible, let's get out of Iraq.


I was offended when those who have already died; more people should be sent over to die. Hand over the occupation of the country to the United Nations. Don't take away the rights of the women of Iraq; don't encourage the framers to take away the rights they have had since 1960.

Keep going the course.

Bring them home.

Come up with a plan to get the guys home.

To get it done, go ahead and do what we need to do and get out of there.

Get rid of the terrorists. As many troops over there as possible to get the job done. Make it so the terrorists can't come into the country.

End the war.

Get us out of there as soon as possible.

I would tell him to send his children into the war/Iraq.

Figure a way on how to pull out.

Stay the course and do what he thinks is right.


Back off.

I would advise him to take care of border with Syria.

Quit spending money over there! Get it over with and move on to better things. There are more important issues to worry about in this country!

Get out.

Get it over with and get out.

Instead of sending people in to get killed, just surround the place, get them when they come out of their hole.

To continue.

I'd try and find a graceful way out.

Stay the course.

Bring the troops home.

Pull out of Iraq; they don't want us over there; he needs to stop trying to make a name for himself and trying to do something his daddy couldn't. He needs to listen to the people.

Win the war.

Situation in Iraq is not going to change, bring home troops and focus on economy.

Get out troops out of there.

We are there and must stay until it is stabilized.

He should admit he was wrong and develop a plan for removing the troops as soon as possible.

Get things settled and get out of there as soon as possible.

I don't think we have any business over there; we're are not the world police and bring our troops home.

Hurry up and get the job done, it's getting too expensive.

Be more balanced.

Give a solid situation of when everyone would come back home.

Do the best job you can.

Do more research.

Get even tougher with the insurgents.

Stay the course. Get it done.

Get our sons home.

Different people in charge.

Keep doing what he is doing; we have to stay there until we get through.

Get out.

Bring the troops back.


Do a better job of getting other countries to cooperate.

War doesn't solve problems; you've got to negotiate, solve the problem, and communicate and make peace.

Get it over with.

Bring our troops home. We're fighting his war, not ours.

Bring our people back home.

Keep on doing on what he is doing and following the word God and pray.

Build up infrastructure.

Stay the course.

Finish the job quickly as possible.

To blow it off the map.

Stay on the track he is on.

Put together a plan to get out.

Support the Iraqi constitution and get the troops out and stay the course until it is done.

Already done what he was advised not to do; no way out now, he must finish the job.

-- continued --

To keep the troops over there until the situation over there is under control.

Speed it up and get us out of there.

Bring our boys home.

To be honest with, and come clean to be honest about, what he is doing in Iraq. Too listen to the views of other nations to be a bit more sensitive about the U.S. presence in the Middle East.

Flatten Iraq and then rebuild. To stay the course and be forceful.

Think of a better strategy so we pull out our troops! To increase the number of troops. Introduce something for the people there.

We have to remain in there and find a way to get out and keep the country stable; he is planning the course correctly but he screwed up by getting us in there and destabilizing the country; he is a moron.

Look to United Nations for input as to how the situation should be resolved.

I would like him to pull out his forces from Iraq. Get the United Nations involved because it will not be easy for him to pull out now.

Bomb the (swear word) out them and get out of there.

He can't change those people; a belief system is a belief system; there is nothing he can do about their belief system, and he can't change the social structure.

To admit his mistake and pull out.

Tell him to stay for the time being and to continue to work toward getting their people to take over, so that our people can come home.

Sitting on the outside looking in, you might not see the whole picture, so I don't understand why we're going over there.

Step outside the box; to give an ear to more people than just those invited to his stump speeches. Find a way to not let the Americans down and not let the Iraqis down; do not be a fool.

Release the troops.

Stay over there until he gets everything done; that's the worse thing you can do is pull out.

Keep the course.

Bomb them.

I would advise him to reinstate the draft because there are quite a few older soldiers going over there and they should not. With the people in Iraq, be more cautious about where we are attacking.

It is a situation I'm sorry we got into; as long as we're there we're going to have to finish one way or another.

As expediently as possible get our troops out. Not start an invasion of another country; evidently there were remarks yesterday about Venezuela, Korea, and Iran.

Pull out as soon as we can.

To get out fast.

Stop being an idiot and take advice; to listen to the other foreign allies' advice and take it seriously; to form a true coalition, not this pretend one that he has.

Create a plan to pull out the troops in a timely fashion instead of just postponing it indefinitely.

Develop an exit strategy and implement it.

Continue on with a good job.

I would want to hear some things about why we can't get out of Iraq. I think we've been there too long.

We are doing the right thing and should keep on doing it.

Bring the boys home as soon as he could.

Get out.

Get our troops out.

Stay the course.

Step down as president.

I would not advise.

I would tell him to just come clean with everything that is kept a secret from the Americans and pull the troops out; and let the Iraqis handle their own problems.

Take troops out immediately.

To wrap things up and get outta there.

Bring our troops home.

Sell all of his oil interest. Tell the truth.

Use the "strong arm" method. I am (personal descriptor) get them "to buckle down and do things right" you have to use force!

Throw Mrs. Sheehan out. Having some type of plan for stopping the incursions from the Iran and the other neighboring countries.

Bring the troops home.

Don't think we could pull out; I would talk to him about his honesty.

To be honest with the public and formulate a plan to get out of it.

I feel that we have been in Iraq way too long.

Stay the course.

Picture your son being there! Tell me what reason you could possibly find to keep your son in Iraq?

Get the (swear word) out.

Send more troops.

Get the (swear word) out of Iraq.

I would personally advise him to do what he's got to do to get it over with and get out of there because its effecting the prices of oil tremendously; and if we weren't there the price of oil would go down.

Don't let the pressure from the media force you to make wrong decisions.

There is nothing I can tell him. Just act like a Christian. He is doing everything he can!

Send more troops.

They need to have a plan for withdrawing out of Iraq as soon as possible.

If we're finished, if it's stable, then pull out.

I would ask him, "Why are we there? Why are we fighting? Why aren't any of his children over there?"

Bring the troops home; they should not be there.


Be more aggressive to bringing a faster end.

Try to end the war as soon as possible.

"Act the way you would want to act when you first became president." When he came into office [in Texas] he got rid of everybody right away! He executed more people on death row than they had done in the previous 15 years!

Listen to the common people more often in both countries.

To pull out we cannot be everyone's big brother and we're facing hatred in that country.

We need to see this through; it's only been a year. If we leave now, everything will fall apart again; it will be like Vietnam all over again.

Stay in Iraq until it's done.

Get out.

We can't leave it a mess; just get out of there as soon as we can.

He's got to really realize that going in there was a mistake and must focus on an exit strategy so that American troops stop losing their lives.

Get a steady path.

Get the soldiers back home.

Be more firm than what he is.

Get together with some of the other countries and see what they are wiling to do; those people never got along with each other, you cannot go to another country and tell them what to do; we should get out as soon as feasible to do so.

Get more nations involved; especially during the time of the constitution.

Get Congress to let him do what he needs to do; we should send more troops over, do not want another Vietnam.

Come up with a pull-out date. Put some pressure on those people over there to fix their internal problems.

To stay there until it is finished.

Get out.

Pull out.

Send our boys home; they don't belong over there in the first place.

I think we need to look at bringing them home.

To get out of there; bring the troops home; too many people dying.

Wondering how long it will take and when troops should be coming home.

Just leave them alone.

Get the solders out.

Either have a plan or get out; I feel like there's no stable plan and we're losing all these lives for no great cause, so I'd say pull out of there as soon as we can.

Get out.

I hate seeing people dying so I don't advise people to go to war.

Listen to other world leaders; be open-minded about what they think -- the reputable ones.

Get some of the leaders over there involved. Get these people involved.

Ask him to remove our troops in a peaceful manner and allow the United Nations to resolve the situation. Ask him to redirect military funding to deal with alternative fuel sources. Ask him to try and educate himself on the common man and not so much to the rich.

Go over there and clean them out from north to south, east and west.

Get out of there.


Stop playing god.

Finish what he started and get out.

Try and get our family out of there.

Get it over with.

Start pulling out gradually and establish a coalition to govern themselves and stop giving all the work and contracts to Halliburton.

To devise a plan to pull out the troops sooner rather later -- between now and a year from now.

I would like him to pull our troops out of Iraq.

Go back to Texas and stay there.

I think we need to stay until it's all settled.

Keep doing what he is doing.

Kick (swear word).

Fish or cut bait.

Pull out.

I agree that I feel his intentions were good and I know we cannot pull out now; just get us out as quick as we can; we are not willing to fight for a decade.

Continue the course.

We shouldn't go in at all. We are there now, unfortunately we cannot change now. We have started a war we cannot finish.

Try to stay out of other countries' affairs.

Bring 'em home.

Do what he's doing.

Ensure he removed his personal agenda from his decisions.

Probably to get out of there, get our troops out of there if he could.

Answer me why we are in this war to begin with; the main reason why we are there.

Tell him to ignore the media.

Stay the course.

Congratulate him for taking a stand and doing what he had to do.

Keep on going until we can beat them.

Just keep up the good work.

He's on my bad list and I wouldn't want to talk to him.

I would advise him to get out of Iraq as soon as possible.

How do you explain the young men and women who are sacrificing their lives, not necessarily for our country, in a war based on inaccurate information?

Keep more military bases open. Clean it up and get out.

Get the (swear word) out.

To get groups of women together, preferably mothers, both American and Iraq mothers, to sit down and discuss ways to live in peace, to create something different. Listen to the mothers!

Well first of all, I was totally against the war, we shouldn't be there, we shouldn't be spending billions of dollars, we should set up an internal timetable, and unfortunately we can't pull out of there like in Vietnam because of the politics. Bush thinks that it's such a noble war then he should have his two daughters join and be sent over there.

Bring the troops back home.

I think they are doing what they have to do just stay the course and even if things are not going as they planned. Continue what they are doing.

Go over and fight there personally to see how he likes it, or send one of his close family members.

Please stop the war and bring those boys home; so many have gotten killed and are getting killed.

Get out as quickly as possible. Let the U.N. handle it.

I think just what he's doing.

No way you can win a war against terrorism.

Put the guy they are looking for in jail.

Get it over with.

Have an exit plan.

Please don't insult me when he says in his speech that we attacked Iraq because of 9/11. Stop lying about 9/11 in your speeches. Declare victory the way Nixon did and let the country destroy itself.

Get settled as soon as possible.

To send the troops home.

Stay the course.

It's getting out of hand; we should have never gone into Iraq to begin with.

He should let them handle themselves.

No business going in the first place.

Should have went in, wiped the place up, and been done with it.

To withdraw sooner rather than later.

Pull out.

Start bringing the troops back.

Bring the boys home; get out of there and let them take care of their own country.

Pull out. Just monitor the situation over there.

To bring the guys home, when they are getting killed, and we are not equal over here.

I think the American people need some kind of projected date that this will be over.

I would advise to speak with the woman in Crawford.

I'd say, "two weeks to get out and blow the whole thing up, and then go back and build it back up for the people who want to live there."

I would advise him to, at this point it's so messed up, I would tell him either get out or do the job right.

Blow it up and bring everybody home.

To admit errors he made and approach other countries in the Middle East and Europe to join to help with the problems in Iraq.

Stay the course.

Go back and not go in.

Really have to come up with a concrete strategy of what needs to be done; I feel we are getting into another Vietnam.

Start pulling out the troops.

Not be back on our heels and be a little bit more aggressive.

Pull out.

I would advise him to listen to the people and move out of there.

Stay the course.

Just to pull the troops out.

I'm for world peace; defend our country; he's doing what he needs to be doing.

Begin an orderly withdrawal of the troops immediately. Beg the United Nations to get more involved.

To be honest about what is going on.

Admit to an error.

Get out.

Get out.

Get out; bring the troops home. It wasn't our business in the first place. I would like to inform him that he and his cohorts did not fool all of America and that there are many of us who have always known that this war was based on false premises. Also, he is the worst president I have seen in my lifetime.

I would advise him to pull out and consider his motives for being in Iraq in the first place.

I would advise him to get out as soon as possible.

Pull out.

Keep his objectives and try to overcome the terrorists but not pull out until the job was done.


To pull our troops out of there and come home.

Pull out.

Fight the war to win it instead of keeping the status quo, get in and get out. We don't have an exit strategy.

Put as many troops as we need in there to get job done.

Get everybody out of there.

Ask him if he would be honest and admit that we should never have gone.

Quit trying to be politically correct and just go ahead and do what we have to do. I don't believe in an early withdrawal.

At this point I don't think there is an easy way out of there but I think that now that he got us there; (personal descriptor), but shouldn't have gone there, but we can't leave the country in ruins.

In my own mind I think he's doing what he thinks is best. I can see his point in a way, but I can also sympathize with the families who have men or women over there in the service.

Keep on doing what you are doing; don't take out the troops; it is like shoving the dirt under the rug.

Get soldiers out.

Bring back our boys and girls.

We have to stay there, and his lies and policies have put the country in danger economically; and terrorists are wise more than all of history.

Find the quickest exit possible.

Change policy on how we're fighting insurgents. With Muslims they have bigger belief in god than we as Christians do and they're willing to die for their god. Need to be less merciless.

Stay the course but explain to the American people why we went there and detail his plan for getting our people out.

He is dumb as a rock and not astute. He is listening to a ghost of the past and has been ill-advised by the Republican right wing and religious zealots; he also does not have a sufficient, sophisticated understanding of global issues; he does not understand the history of the Middle East; he is naive in foreign affairs; he is being manipulated by the fundamentalist Christians and the neo-conservatives.

We shouldn't have been there in the first place. Now that we're in there, you can't just haul off and leave it. We can't leave Iraq the way it is; we just walked in and wrecked it.

Go in there and give them (swear word), go more forcibly and go in to win; win fast and hard.

Complete the job that's over there. But get out as quick as possible. Don't leave it undone.

I would suggest that there needs to be more involvement from the international community in the effort; and that involvement should come from concessions on the U.S. stance that would put more pressure on the insurgents and would depend on broader support from the international community for the U.S. and its efforts there.

Keep doing what he is doing. Stay there until the job is done.

Protect our country and get out of theirs; find the terrorists here and get out of their country.

Hold to his course.

Eliminate all the terrorists by nuking them to lessen the cost of the war.

Get out.

Stay there, possibly we may need more people there, we need to support our troops.

Bring our guys home, it will never be settled.

To pull out of Iraq.

What in the world were you thinking?

Way to get troops home sooner.

Continue to seek wise counsel, including the lord's, and continue to make good decisions.

He should see the whole picture, not only now but for the future involving exit strategy, etc.

Continue to do what we are doing, but we can't just pull out; we need to stay and see it to the end.

Don't know what to say. We are in a mess and can't get out of it.

We're there. We can't walk off and leave it. He might have been going in the wrong direction looking for bin Laden.

Bring the troops home.

Stay the course.

Seek god's leadership.

Keep up the good job.

Come up with a timeline to get the troops out as soon as possible. Allocate resources elsewhere.

Do the country a favor and resign. I would advise him to bring the troops home because we are not going change things with the Iraqis.

Stay the course.

Bring the troops home.

Stay the course.

Pull out within a year.

Leave them folks alone and don't let them folks come over here, because when we go over there they kidnap us.

I would advise him to keep it up, and don't come back until it's finished. Of course, I don't have a child over there.

Send soldiers back home. Lower the amount of troops.

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