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Gallup Business Journal

by Jim Clifton

DTE's recovery from the Great Recession was the result of hard work, commitment and inspired leadership -- in other words, culture.

by Annamarie Mann and Bailey Nelson

When roles don't lend themselves to time and place flexibility, leaders should explore other avenues for providing similar perks.

by Jake Herway

Discover the four questions that enable managers to create a culture of psychological safety on their teams.

by Ryan Pendell

Reduce turnover and retain more of your workforce with four tips for "re-recruiting" high performers.

by Jade Wood and Bailey Nelson

The success of any well-being initiative hinges on manager support and involvement.

by Ghassan Khoury and Andrew Green

Learn four practical steps for turning succession planning from an imprecise art into an exact science.

by Scott Miller

Employees who frequently have the opportunity to do what they do best are more productive, happier and healthier.

by Jane Miller

Learn how to start a conversation about the level of acceptance, respect and inclusion in your organization.

Business Journal

Learn the causes of low profitability among your large B2B accounts so you can address them with a new strategy.

Business Journal

Despite its storied history and recent gains, the U.S. manufacturing sector is struggling to build engaging workplace cultures.

by Annamarie Mann

Employees who work remotely 100% of the time report the lowest levels of engagement. Find out what you can do about it.

Business Journal

Recent research has uncovered workplace trends that demand leaders' focus and innovative strategies sooner rather than later.

Business Journal

Data analytics is now inundating human resources. But will HR focus on the right information?

Business Journal

Gallup has unearthed three key trends from successful major account management teams.

Business Journal

To succeed, McDonald's and other quick-service restaurants will have to overcome four major hurdles.

Business Journal

Many star employees are open to new job opportunities. Companies are doing a poor job of wooing them.

Business Journal

Merely measuring workers' contentment and catering to their wants often fails to improve business outcomes.

Business Journal

The growing trend toward employees working remotely poses new and urgent challenges for managers.

Business Journal

Customer centricity is crucial for effective problem resolution -- and engaged workers can help leaders get there.

Business Journal

Companies need to make specific efforts to connect with and engage employees who work at home 100% of the time.