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Education and Families

A study on how children's free time is spent, prioritized and valued — according to British, Canadian and Australian parents

83% of U.S. adults with some college education find work-based sources of advice about their major helpful, but only 20% use them.

by Tim Hodges

More than four in 10 U.S. public school superintendents are engaged at work. They play an important leadership role in creating a culture of engagement for their district staff and students.

A study on children's free time — how it is spent, prioritized and valued

51% of U.S. adults would change at least one of their education decisions.

Hopeful students are 4.1x more likely to be engaged with school.

Teachers are not anti-assessment, according to a new Gallup/Northwest Evaluation Association study. And parents' and students' complaints about over-testing appear to be less widespread than news accounts might suggest.