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Human Capital

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by Robert Gabsa

Learn why your onboarding program is key to reducing new hire turnover and how to truly welcome the employees you worked so hard to recruit.

The key is balancing employees' vital sense of identity with shared goals and cultural principles, says Sanofi CHRO Roberto Pucci.

by Robert Gabsa

Understand an employee's emotional journey to increase engagement and encourage a positive onboarding experience.

Business Journal

Having data doesn't make your organization data-driven. Learn how using the right analytics positions HR leaders to create a data-driven culture.

Business Journal

Some of Chile's best opportunities to boost productivity may lie in maximizing the talents and skills of its existing workers.

Pursuing a workplace award can help differentiate a company's employment brand. Eight in 10 U.S. adults who are open to or actively seeking a new job say they are at least somewhat more likely to apply at a company that has won one.

While predictive analytics and assessments can spot the right talent an organization needs, a company could lose sight of the bigger picture by not fully using data, by fixating on it too much or by overlooking potential pitfalls.

The New York Times recently published a piece in its magazine titled Your Next Job Application Could Involve a Video Game. The article referenced the "Moneyball" concept, which has inspired efforts to predict performance in more objective ways in areas as diverse as professional baseball organizations on to human resource departments in other fields.