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Strada-Gallup 2017 College Student Survey

Crisis of Confidence:
Current College Students Do Not Feel Prepared for the Workforce

Representing the views of more than 32,000 students at 43 randomly selected four-year institutions, this survey reveals a crisis of confidence among most students regarding their readiness to launch careers:

  • Only a third of students believe they will graduate with the skills and knowledge to be successful in the job market (34%) and in the workplace (36%).
  • Just half (53%) believe their major will lead to a good job.

The findings also point to solutions, revealing that students who have these three career-focused experiences at their institution are significantly more confident about their preparation for the workforce:

  1. Speak often with faculty or staff about their career options;
  2. Have at least one university official initiate a conversation with them about their career options; and,
  3. Believe their school is committed to helping their students find a rewarding career.

Read the report to discover the ways college and university faculty and staff can provide career-specific support that can influence students' confidence in their preparation for life after college.

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