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Americans' confidence in the police has increased eight points since last year, but average confidence across 14 U.S. institutions remains historically low.

For the first time in nearly two decades, a majority of Americans think immigration to the U.S. should be decreased.

Social & Policy Issues

Gallup data show U.S. marriage rates have declined since 1980, especially among Democrats compared with Republicans.

More Americans continue to disapprove than approve of Israel's military action in Gaza. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is viewed unfavorably on balance.

A majority of women in the U.S. struggle to make their health a top priority. This is especially true for younger women and women caring for children at home.

Lumina and Gallup find Americans are more confident in community colleges than four-year universities. The greatest difference between the two is cost.

Americans now split into roughly equal thirds as to whether they have a lot of (36%), some (32%) or very little (32%) confidence in higher education.

A steady 41% of U.S. adults, including a majority of Republicans but fewer Democrats and independents, say they are extremely proud to be American.

Social & Policy Issues

Sharply more Americans than 20 years ago say antisemitism is a very serious problem, as Jewish Americans' reports of poor treatment exceed those of other faith groups.

June's Economic Confidence Index holds at -33, reflecting Americans' ongoing economic concerns.

Though neither is viewed positively overall ahead of the first presidential debate, Trump is viewed more positively than Biden on several measures.

Incumbents' approval ratings usually rise among their party's supporters in reelection years. Among independents, the historical pattern is mixed.

Gallup and Walton Family Foundation study finds U.S. students grade schools B-, and lower-income students rate their schools worse.

Social & Policy Issues

Americans remain largely supportive of the legalization of same-sex marriages, and a majority believe gay or lesbian relations are morally acceptable.

Social & Policy Issues

Americans widely regard in-vitro fertilization as morally acceptable, but they divide over whether destroying frozen embryos created by IVF is morally acceptable (49%) or wrong (43%).

Pro-choice voters are showing record-high intensity on the abortion issue, and the pro-choice segment of the public remains historically large.

Americans have become significantly more likely to identify as liberal in their views on social issues over the past 25 years. Liberal views on economic issues, too, have increased, but still lean conservative.

Social & Policy Issues

A slim majority of U.S. adults say changing one's gender is morally wrong, but only about a third favor laws banning gender-affirming care for minors.

Worries that Medicare and Social Security will no longer be available in the future run high, especially among adults closer to the age of eligibility.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump tied in favorability among Americans when rated using a 10-point scale, just before Trump's felony conviction last week. In the 2016 and 2020 campaigns, Trump trailed the Democratic nominee on this measure.