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Social and Policy Issues

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A majority of Americans favor stricter laws covering the sale of firearms, but today's 57% is down significantly from 64% a year ago.

A record-high 68% of Americans support legalizing marijuana, including majorities of most demographic groups.

While Pope Francis' comments supporting same sex civil unions were a drastic shift in Catholic church guidance, U.S. Catholics have supported gay marriage for about a decade.

Social & Policy Issues

While majorities say Black and White Americans have equal chances to get a job, housing or good education, each reading is at its lowest in over 30 years.

Social & Policy Issues

Americans are less likely now than at any point in Gallup's 25-year trend to say civil rights for Black adults have improved.

Social & Policy Issues

Americans' perceptions of relations between White and Black Americans are the lowest Gallup has recorded, with less than half now calling them good.

Social & Policy Issues

In the U.S., Black adults are less likely than all other racial groups to say they feel safe walking alone at night where they live.

Social & Policy Issues

Record-high percentages of U.S. adults say Black people are treated less fairly than White people when shopping, working and interacting with police.

Social & Policy Issues

Thirty-five percent of Americans are satisfied with the treatment of Black people in the U.S., marking a nine-point decline since the previous reading in 2018 and the lowest point in Gallup's trend dating back to 2001.

by Justin Lall and RJ Reinhart

The Greater Washington Community Foundation and Gallup have developed a listening initiative to better understand the needs of the community.

by Mohamed Younis

The mission of the newly created Gallup Center on Black Voices is to serve as America's source of information about the state of racial equity in America.

Nearly half of U.S. adults say abortion will be one of many important factors in their vote for a candidate for a major office, 25% do not consider it a key issue and 24% say they will vote only for a candidate who shares their views.

by Frank Newport

Surveys have asked Americans about race relations for over half a century, providing context for understanding today's race-related challenges.