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Feb 4, 2020

Trump Job Approval at Personal Best 49%

President Donald Trump's job approval has climbed to 49%, his highest to date.
Nov 20, 2019

Analyzing Black Support for President Trump

Donald Trump's consistently low approval ratings among blacks highlight the challenge he faces in attempting to improve on his 2016 black vote share.
Sep 25, 2020

Black Turnout in the 2020 Election

Turnout among Black Americans dropped in 2016 compared with 2008 and 2012, and where it ends up this year could be a significant determinant of the election outcome.
Nov 17, 2020

Mixed Patterns in Job Approval for Defeated Incumbents

Two defeated incumbent presidents -- Gerald Ford and George H.W. Bush -- saw significant increases in job approval during their lame-duck period. Jimmy Carter's ratings declined after he was defeated.
Feb 20, 2020

Trump Job Approval Steady at 49%

President Donald Trump's job approval rating is holding steady at 49%. U.S. satisfaction is at a 15-year high.
Nov 3, 2020

Americans More Satisfied With Biden Than Trump Campaign

A majority of Americans, 56%, at the tail end of the 2020 campaign report being satisfied with the way Joe Biden's campaign has been conducted, while 46% say the same about President Donald Trump's campaign.
Dec 31, 2019

Gallup Decade in Review: 2010-2019

Gallup findings over the past decade reveal that the years from 2010 to 2019 encompassed some revolutionary changes in public opinion.
Sep 18, 2020

Economic Perceptions and the Election

Changes in economic reality and candidates' statements and positioning are less important to voters than their underlying ideological predispositions.
Nov 23, 2020

Trump Job Approval Down Slightly After Election

President Trump's job approval rating dipped to 43% in the first reading after the election. U.S. satisfaction is also down, driven by a sharp drop among Republicans.
Mar 7, 2019

Biden Still Well-Liked by Americans

Americans rate Joe Biden less positively than when he left office, but they still view him much more favorably than unfavorably.
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