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Jun 10, 2021

Gallup Vault: Backing Press Freedom Over Government Secrecy

In June 1971, after The New York Times published excerpts from a classified report on the Vietnam War, the so-called Pentagon Papers, the majority of Americans familiar with the articles approved of them.
Dec 16, 2019

Future of Local News: Public Good or Private Enterprise?

Explore five key takeaways from a Knight/Gallup report and panel discussion on Americans' desire for local news and awareness of its fragility.
Aug 22, 2019

In U.S., 40% Trust Internet News Accuracy, Up 15 Points

Forty percent of Americans currently say they trust online news, marking a 15-percentage-point increase since 1998. However, local news sources are most likely to be trusted.
Jun 28, 2017

In U.S., Confidence in Newspapers Still Low but Rising

Americans' confidence in newspapers is up from 2016, although it remains low overall. Their confidence in television news and internet news also remains low.
May 7, 2020

Americans Support COVID-19 Relief for Local News

Americans are not highly concerned about the economic downturn on local news, but they do favor including local news assistance in relief legislation.
Nov 18, 2021

Young People Rely on Social Media, but Don't Trust It

A new UNICEF study reveals new insights into the changing nature of childhood, including how young people are staying informed and the institutions they trust.
Jun 20, 2018

Americans: Much Misinformation, Bias, Inaccuracy in News

Americans estimate 62% of the news they see in newspapers, on TV and hear on the radio is biased, 44% of it is inaccurate and 39% is misinformation.
Aug 25, 2017

Republicans', Democrats' Views of Media Accuracy Diverge

Just over a third of U.S. adults in 2017 believe news media generally get the facts straight, the same as in 2003. Republicans and those without a college degree are the most likely to doubt the media's credibility.
Sep 26, 2019

Americans' Trust in Mass Media Edges Down to 41%

Forty-one percent of Americans trust the mass media to report the news "fully, accurately and fairly," marking a four-percentage-point dip since last year.
Jun 13, 2016

Americans' Confidence in Newspapers at New Low

The 20% of Americans who express confidence in newspapers as a U.S. institution is an all-time low and marks the 10th consecutive year that more Americans hold newspapers in low, rather than high, esteem.
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