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Does Gallup call cellphones?

Gallup includes cellphones in each national Gallup poll. Gallup has been including cellphone-only households in all national telephone Gallup polls since January 2008. Further, cellphone-only households are now as likely to fall into national Gallup polls samples as those living in traditional landline households.

Gallup and the survey research industry as a whole are exceedingly aware that increasing numbers of Americans use cellphones in addition to traditional landline phones and that nearly 40% of households have only cellphones. Gallup's methodologists and survey scientists have studied, researched, conducted test polling; analyzed existing data; and examined the implications of the inclusion or exclusion of cellphones and determined that it is necessary to include cellphone numbers in survey samples despite the increased costs of doing so to ensure that the obtained samples continue to be representative of all Americans. This is particularly important given recent studies that show that people in cellphone-only households tend to be younger, are more likely to be racial and ethnic minorities, and more likely to be transient.

In addition, recent annual conferences of the American Association for Public Opinion Research have included multiple scientific sessions dealing specifically with the cellphone issue. The organization and Gallup methodologists continue to consider and study new approaches to cellphone sampling to refine and improve upon current techniques in use.

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