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Gallup Youth Survey: Major Issues and Trends

Gallup Youth Survey: Major Issues and Trends

Mason Crest Publishers
January 2004
ISBN: 1-59084-720-2

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The most important issues affecting teenagers are comprehensively studied in the series, The Gallup Youth Survey: Major Issues and Trends. Each volume is filled with relevant statistical information and fascinating stories and reports, mostly collected by the Gallup Youth Survey, an arm of the famed Gallup Organization, over the past four decades. The Gallup Youth Survey was founded in 1977 to provide ongoing information on the opinions, beliefs, and activities of America's high school students, and to help society meet its responsibility to youth.

Six titles are available:

  • Teens and Sex
  • Teens and Suicide
  • Teens and Alcohol
  • Teens, Religion, and Values
  • Teens and Family Issues
  • Teens and Race

Gallup World Headquarters, 901 F Street, Washington, D.C., 20001, U.S.A
+1 202.715.3030