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Which Countries Are Ready for Change?

Read Gallup's report, What Happiness Today Tells Us About the World Tomorrow, to find out whether the world's citizens think they are better off today than they were 10, or even three, years ago -- and who is on track for change.

Find out where your world is heading.

Based on a decade of Gallup data on how people in more than 100 countries have rated their lives, What Happiness Today Tells Us About the World Tomorrow helps world leaders meet global challenges and opportunities through information on:

  • thriving trends to watch in 2018 and beyond
  • declining thriving trends in Russia, India, Colombia and Egypt
  • how developing and advanced economies stack up
  • differences and similarities in thriving among five major emerging economies
  • how the world's citizens rate their lives from "worst possible life" to "best possible life"

Learn important insights on happiness from the Gallup report.

What happiness today tells us about the world tomorrow

Explore recent trends in the life ratings of the world's citizens.

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