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Rating World Leaders: 2018

Find out how people in 134 countries rate U.S. leadership -- one year into U.S. President Donald Trump's term.

"The global power order is shifting."

Germany has replaced the U.S. as the top-rated global power in the world.

And U.S. leadership approval has hit an all-time low -- one year into Trump's presidency.

What does this mean for U.S. influence abroad?

Get this report to find out what the world thinks about U.S. leadership today, how it compares with other global leadership ratings and what the implications are for 2018, based on Gallup surveys in 134 countries and areas.

Approval of U.S. leadership drops 40 points in Canada; 28 points in Mexico.

U.S. leadership approval suffers major losses among NATO allies, trade partners.

The median worldwide who disapprove of the leadership of:









It may be too early in Trump's presidency to tell if his "America First" foreign policy is a success or failure, but this report reveals U.S. alliances and partnerships are at risk.

Gallup's Rating World Leaders: 2018 report provides a snapshot of how the world views the leadership of the U.S. versus Germany, China and Russia, based on Gallup surveys in 134 countries and areas.

Download this report to learn:

  • the approval and disapproval ratings of the U.S., Germany, China and Russia
  • how the 2017 ratings compare with ratings from the past decade
  • what the ratings may mean based on recent international events

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