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As Machines Continue to Improve, So Must We

Discover what Americans think about -- and what they can do to confront -- the artificial intelligence revolution. Get the report Optimism and Anxiety: Views on the Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Higher Education's Response, based on a survey conducted in 2017 by Gallup and Northeastern University.

Economists agree:

The single biggest threat to future job growth in the United States is the surge of artificial intelligence.

As many as 47% of jobs in the U.S. are at risk of being replaced within the next 20 years.

Read this report to find out:

  • What Americans think about this revolution: Will it make a positive impact on their lives, or will they lose their jobs?
  • Their preferences for confronting it: What education options do they prefer, and should employers offer and pay for retraining?
  • How higher education institutions and others can rise to the challenge and prepare U.S. workers to succeed in the digital economy: Should the government incentivize solutions, and what is the best way for higher education and businesses to respond?

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Download the report about Americans' views on artificial intelligence.

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