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The Five Conditions Assessment

While small businesses are a critical driver of economic growth, they often lack the right systems, structures and behaviors to propel them from the post-startup phase into the middle market and help them achieve consistent and sustainable growth. Business owners, policymakers, investors and the media can gain insights on the conditions necessary for stability and growth in post-startups by reading The Five Conditions Assessment, a study from TrueSpace and Gallup.

Based on data from almost 2,500 U.S. business owners, the report sheds light on the operating conditions that foster sustainable growth among post-startup companies. The results are based on a new quantitative survey developed by TrueSpace and Gallup called the Five Conditions Assessment (5CA). The Five Conditions -- Alignment, Discipline, Predictability, Endurance and Value Creation -- present a new picture of how businesses scale and create jobs.

Discover the impact of these operating conditions on post-startup companies, regardless of their industry or age, and the power they have in predicting growth.

Download this report to learn:

  • why we need better tools to measure post-startup businesses' capability for growth and identify those with high growth potential
  • the key factors in explaining variation in firm survival, productivity, profitability and growth
  • the proper systems, structures and behaviors needed to foster consistent and sustainable growth
  • why this research is critical to boosting the U.S. economy

Learn more about the Five Conditions framework, which sheds light on how business owners can gain a better understanding of what they need to reach the middle market. With the information provided in this new framework, business owners can identify areas in which an investment of time and resources is most likely to bring dramatic, long-term benefits.

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of variation in the growth performance of post-startup companies is captured by the 5CA assessment.

17 million
new jobs would be added to the U.S. economy if even 10% of post-startups scoring lower on the 5CA increased their scores to the highest classification.

of companies with high 5CA scores had revenue growth of at least 5% in each of the past two years; among low-scoring companies, 45% grew at least 5% each year.

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