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Black American Experience

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by Camille Lloyd and Ilana Ron Levey

Join the Gallup Center on Black Voices and our distinguished panel of CHROs on Feb. 24 as we dissect our latest findings and talk about how U.S. employers can take action now.

by Camille Lloyd

Having leadership that represents employees' diversity matters -- not only for workers' performance, but also for how they feel at work.

by Camille Lloyd

Gallup finds that Black employees who report seeing leaders of their own race in their organization are more likely to say their "organization is fair to everyone."

About four in 10 managers in the U.S. (42%) strongly agree that they are prepared to talk about race and equality with their teams.

by Camille Lloyd and Korpo Momolu

As we reflect on Black history, we are reminded of the importance and need to document the Black experience and amplify our voices. Inheritors of the Gallup Center on Black Voices will look back on the data we collect today.

About one in four Black (24%) and Hispanic employees (24%) in the U.S. report having been discriminated against at work in the past year.

by Justin McCarthy

The Gallup Center on Black Voices will launch its Jobs and Work series next week, detailing Black employees' experiences at work.