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Air and Water Quality

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Tunisians are deeply dissatisfied with efforts to preserve their environment and the quality of their water -- more than most populations on the planet.

Americans continue to express the most dire concerns about water pollution, out of six environmental threats.

The World Risk Poll, the first global study of worry and risk, provides insight into how well governments around the world are fulfilling their mandate to keep their people safe.

Billions worldwide worry that they will be seriously harmed by consuming unsafe food and water, and nearly as many expect it to happen in the next two years, according to the new Lloyd's Register Foundation World Risk Poll.

Northwestern University and UNESCO are working with Gallup to survey 31 countries in Africa, Asia, Central and South America to benchmark water insecurity.

A consortium of Northwestern University, UNESCO and Gallup is working together to benchmark water insecurity by conducting nationally representative surveys in 33 countries across Africa and India in 2020.

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