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Social and Policy Issues

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Social & Policy Issues

Black Americans are more likely to worry about harmful pollution where they live. Racial differences are substantial in suburbs, towns and rural areas.

Social & Policy Issues

More U.S. adults now than a year ago say they own an electric vehicle, but more also say they would not consider buying one.

Inflation and immigration rank among Americans' top issue concerns for the country when asked about national problems in March.

Three in 10 Americans, but 67% of Mormons, attend church regularly. Most religious groups show declines in attendance over the past two decades.

Married people are more likely to be thriving in their wellbeing than adults who have never married, are divorced or are living with a domestic partner.

A Lumina study finds 71% of current and future students consider state reproductive policies in college choices; 80% prefer states with greater access.

A Lumina Foundation-Gallup study shows that 81% of students consider gun policies key in their college choice.

Social & Policy Issues

LGBTQ+ identification in the U.S. continues to inch up, with 7.6% of all U.S. adults, and more than one in five Gen Z adults, identifying this way.

Sharply more Americans than in January name immigration as the most important problem facing the U.S. The issue ranks first on the list.

Social & Policy Issues

While most Americans acknowledge the cultural impact of Black Americans, less than half of Black adults feel their contributions are celebrated.

Seventeen percent of Americans say they smoke marijuana, similar to the 16% Gallup recorded in 2022.

Social & Policy Issues

LGBT Americans are more interested than non-LGBT adults in fostering or adoption, and are facing discrimination as a major barrier, reveals a 2023 Kidsave-Gallup study.

Social & Policy Issues

Black Americans' perspectives on the Supreme Court's 2023 ruling to end the use of race and ethnicity in university admission decisions are quite nuanced -- and largely fracture along generational lines.

Social & Policy Issues

Nearly seven in 10 Americans support the Supreme Court's ban on race in college admissions, with mixed reactions among different racial groups.

Social & Policy Issues

The pope is viewed in a largely favorable light by Americans -- though less so among conservatives.

Social & Policy Issues

Less than 50% of parents report excellent relationships with their teens. Factors like age of child, marriage, biology and ideology impact this.

Americans' lessened confidence in society's institutions and norms may affect society's ability to deal with crucial external and internal threats.

77% of Americans who have interacted with police in the past 12 months say the experience was positive overall, but those who do not report positive experiences in police encounters have lower wellbeing and feel less safe.

Trends measuring Americans' values need to be analyzed in the context of differences in question wording and changes in methodology.

A record-low 47% of Americans think the death penalty is fairly applied in the U.S., while a slim 53% majority continue to favor its use for convicted murderers.