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Learn how hospital leaders can use rounding to increase employee engagement and ultimately enhance patient outcomes.

By Lydia Saad and Zach Hrynowski

As the Democratic candidates draw clear lines separating their healthcare proposals, Democrats nationally seem open to many approaches.

by Frank Newport

Americans have mixed views about the healthcare system and clearly have not yet come to a firm collective judgment on suggested healthcare reforms.

by Lance Stevens and Lawrence Mallory

Americans aged 65 or older are concerned about healthcare costs and many cannot afford prescription drugs or care.

by Mike Ellrich and Lance Stevens

Americans fear a major health event may cause bankruptcy and predict the U.S. economy is in danger due to rising healthcare costs.

While many Americans face staggering healthcare costs, they are still divided about the quality of their care.

by Megan Brenan

Explore Gallup's public opinion data on 10 of the major points in President Donald Trump's second State of the Union.

by V. Lance Tarrance

In early November, about one in six Americans approved of Trump on the economy but not on healthcare. Addressing their concerns could have helped the GOP electorally.