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Gallup Investor Optimism Index

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Nearly half of U.S. investors express interest in sustainable investing, but few own ESG funds or know much about them.

Gallup's latest investor optimism poll finds investors pessimistic on several aspects of the economy while still upbeat about the stock market. The proposal for the IRS to monitor U.S. bank accounts is not well-received.

U.S. investors see passive investing, not active trading, as the better path to wealth. Accordingly, most trade stocks infrequently, and few are doing so via apps when they do trade.

Investors' outlook for the U.S. investing climate improved slightly in the second quarter, although they grew more pessimistic about inflation. Most investors think inflation will be sticking around.

A Wells Fargo/Gallup survey of U.S. investors explores the ways Black investors are similar to and differ from U.S. investors as a whole.