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Discover predictors of wellbeing and wealth among U.S. adults.

West Health and Gallup have partnered to uncover and track perceptions of the U.S. healthcare system.

Discover the correlations among adolescent mental health, parenting practices and parent-child relationships.

Gallup explores the impact of wellbeing and provides insights for leaders of businesses and communities.

Learn about the perceptions of and barriers to foster care and adoption, especially among Black Americans.

Discover parents' perceptions of their children's academic progress.

Learn how global cooking habits and eating home-cooked meals influence individuals and communities worldwide.

Learn about the influence of eating attitudes and behaviors on subjective wellbeing.

Learn how social connections vary across different geographic regions.

Exploring Americans' perceptions of business and its impact on society

Gain a globally inclusive understanding of wellbeing.

Discover how career-connected learning is impacting students in grades 5-12.

Learn about the state of American students and how youth experience the world around them.

Exploring the future of technology, skills and work

See how WGU alumni outcomes compare to national averages.

Learn how a culture of recognition can transform the workplace.

Exploring perceptions around postsecondary education.

Download the Meta-Gallup State of Social Connections report

Download the Bentley University-Gallup Force for Good Report.

Download the 2022 AWS-Gallup Global Digital Skills Study