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"State of the States" Series, Midyear 2009

"State of the States" Series, Midyear 2009's "State of the States" series reveals state-by-state differences in political party affiliation, consumer confidence, well-being, and more, based on U.S. daily tracking data collected between January and June 2009.

Political Party Affiliation: 30 States Blue, 4 Red in '09 So Far >

Utah and Wyoming are most Republican

Religious Identity: States Differ Widely >

Catholics most prevalent in East, while other Christians are concentrated in the South

Well-Being: Hawaii, Utah Still Top the Nation >

Eight of 10 highest well-being states located in the West and Midwest

Healthy Behavior: Vermont Best; Kentucky Worst >

Western and Northeastern states fill out the top 10

Uninsured: Highest Percentage in Texas, Lowest in Mass. >

Percentage of adults without health insurance is up in several states

Stress and Happiness: Often, but Not Always, Related >

Less stressed states usually, but not always, have more happy residents

Consumer Confidence: Increased Optimism in All States >

Some of largest gains are in Northeastern states

Obama Job Approval: Highest in D.C., Hawaii, Vermont >

Lowest rating in Wyoming

Political Ideology: "Conservative" Label Prevails in the South >

Conservatives outnumber liberals in nearly every state, but not in D.C.

Basic Access: Iowa, Minn., Mass. Shine; Mississippi Falters >

Many states trending downward compared to 2008 on measures of basic need

Obesity and Diabetes: Across States, a Clear Relationship >

More states trending up than down on both health outcomes compared to 2008

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