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Gallup Event: Understanding U.S. Employment

Gallup Event: Understanding U.S. Employment

Gallup unveils and explains its daily employment tracking

On February 23, 2010 at its world headquarters in Washington, D.C., Gallup for the first time released the findings from its daily U.S. employment tracking, including insights into the U.S. workforce's state of mind.

Gallup's employment measures are based on an unprecedented program of daily tracking interviews of 1,000 Americans, totaling 30,000 Americans per month. These large sample sizes and survey frequency allow for continuous monitoring of the state of U.S. employment as an important adjunct to the U.S. government's monthly reports. Further, based on its unique daily assessment of Americans' well-being, Gallup provides an insight not available from any other source on the health, well-being, optimism, and financial situations of those who are working and seeking work.

Gallup's employment tracking joins other vital indicators already reported on, including presidential job approval, economic confidence, job creation, consumer spending, economic outlook, and economic conditions.

In addition to continuously monitoring traditional measures of U.S. employment, Gallup adds a unique Job Creation Index based on American workers' daily reports on the hiring/firing status of their companies. Taken together, Gallup's measures of employment and job creation provide the basis for daily monitoring of the direction of the U.S. employment situation.

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