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About half of U.S. holiday shoppers say they will buy most or all of their gifts in December, with 16% buying all of them this month.

The amount Americans plan to spend on holiday gifts this year has increased as the season has progressed, from $923 in October to $975 in November.

Americans predict they will spend an average $923 on Christmas or other holiday gifts this year, just shy of the $932 they estimated at the same time a year ago.

Consumers have dialed back their spending intentions on Christmas gifts compared with what they said in October.

Fifty-five percent of U.S. adults say rising prices are causing hardship for their family, essentially unchanged from August but higher than a year ago.

Gallup polls in 1942, 1947, 1974 and 1980 provide insight into how Americans reacted to inflation when the rate was consistently over 10%.

Americans' satisfaction with government regulation of businesses and industries has fallen to a new low of 28%. At the same time, satisfaction with the size and influence of major corporations ties last year's all-time low of 26%.

Gallup and Lloyd's Register Foundation completed the first-ever study of global perceptions of risk.

Customer analytics can help uncover how customers' needs and values have shifted due to COVID-19 and other disruptions.

Members want their institution to increase peace of mind, build hope and reduce unnecessary stress.