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Change Management

Explore Gallup's research.

Learn why leaders should focus on what's working and what employees do best when preparing an organization for change.

Learn how to lead your organization through change by creating a positive vision based on what's possible in the future.

Learn how your company can prepare for the disruption of artificial intelligence and the five characteristics your culture needs to succeed.

Millennials experience burnout at work in bigger numbers than other generations. Find out what your organization can do to keep this from happening.

Find out five ways organizations can prevent employee burnout and improve productivity in the modern, fast-paced workplace.

Discover the top five causes of employee burnout, and find out who plays the biggest role in preventing it.

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Create an ideal culture using Gallup's qualitative and quantitative analysis to avoid downfalls and achieve true transformation.

Mergers offer a rare chance to build a new workplace culture. Here's how CHROs can capitalize on the opportunities and avoid the pitfalls.

Learn why strong workplace cultures can challenge companies undergoing M&A and how your company can avoid common revenue-destroying mistakes.

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Learn how HR leaders can manage change for a smooth transition during mergers and acquisitions.

Learn how to better meet employee needs and improve patient outcomes.

As executives rethink short-term security and long-term growth, many are making employee engagement a core performance strategy.

35% of U.S. Managers Are Engaged in Their Jobs

Poorly defined objectives, politics, and unclear metrics are among the obstacles to implementing meaningful change. Here's how companies can overcome those barriers -- and create change that lasts.

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Too often, training programs fail to deliver the change a company seeks. Here are some guidelines for programs that will create meaningful change.

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Change initiatives are rarely implemented effectively. A global financial services company succeeded by recognizing the critical role of front-line managers -- not "change" managers.

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During the past 10 years, executives and managers have had to confront a global financial meltdown, ongoing wars, an increase in terrorism, and epic natural disasters. What leadership lessons did this tumultuous decade hold?

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Implementing change almost always breeds uncertainty, but these tumultuous times demand it. A 20-year expert explains why change initiatives usually fail, when it's better to take small steps, and how to get people on board.

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Employees' anxiety and fears of layoffs have been aggravated by the stormy economic climate of the past two and a half years. Those fears can be worsened in work environments where low trust, poor communication, or unclear expectations prevail.

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"Sometimes change requires an earth-shattering or disruptive act." So say the authors of Human Sigma. But the kind of organizational change they are calling for -- however disruptive it might feel while it is happening -- is ultimately positive for employees and customers.