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Organizations have employees with untapped potential. But many companies are failing to build workers' confidence to unlock that potential.

Use 16 survey items to reveal how your teams are doing now and predict how resilient they will be in the future.

Meaningful feedback matters even more than days in the office. Learn how to upskill managers into coaches who boost employee engagement.

To achieve enduring customer engagement, strengthen the culture of your organization by enabling and engaging your customer-facing teams.

Creating an agile organization requires people working together -- not just processes and structures.

Post-pandemic, the biggest problem for organizations isn't bringing employees back to the office -- it's losing customers.

Combining employee engagement and strengths creates sustainable high performance. Learn how to achieve it by studying your highest-performing teams.

Employees quiet quit when they feel like they can't speak up at work. Read what leaders can do to help employees feel more connected and engaged.

The pandemic gave employees a workplace-altering realization: They could use remote work to avoid the dreaded daily commute.

Enhancing your company culture with strengths is crucial for employee attraction and retention. Leverage strengths like the experts in three steps.

Trust in leadership is falling. See why trust is essential for employees and what the best leaders do to build it.

Traditional performance management is no longer effective. See why meaningful feedback and strengths are integral to improving employee performance.

Purposeful mentor and sponsor relationships are crucial to shaping the employee experience. Learn what effective development programs look like.

Learn how Roche uses the strengths of its people to innovate how patient safety can reduce healthcare costs and drive medical advancement.

The new hybrid and flexible workforce is here to stay. To adapt, leaders must transform their cultures to focus on employee strengths, not weaknesses.

Gallup celebrates 57 winning organizations that maintained highly engaged workplace cultures while adapting to hybrid work challenges in 2022.

Learn how a culture of recognition can transform the workplace.

Culture is constantly shifting, but there are practical ways to define it. An excellent culture arises when leadership is aligned at five key levels.

Download this report on key workplace trends in Germany.