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Learn how to categorize the feedback you're trying to give and how it may be best delivered for greatest success.

Good or bad, feedback should motivate employees to improve their performance -- not send them running out the door.

Competencies that "check the box" are limiting at best -- leaders need performance expectations built around behaviors that drive outcomes.

How competency reports can change from a "day ruiner" for your managers to an opportunity for meaningful improvement.

Strive for simplicity and expect measurable outcomes.

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While many competency programs struggle to stay on track, several organizations have implemented very effective programs -- ones that engage employees and fuel financial growth. Those organizations have proven to be extremely competent at competencies, and most follow four simple rules.

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For retailers, store managers are the key to winning in today's hypercompetitive and fast-changing market. They set the tone for the entire store and dramatically influence key performance metrics. Here are five steps to getting the most out of those managers.

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India -- the world's second most populous country, with more than 48.7 million college graduates -- surprisingly faces a talent crunch. To tackle this problem, most companies have followed a conventional path that hasn't been effective. Time for a new approach.

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Are competency programs a bust? Some of Gallup's leading management experts seem to have argued that. But the reality is more complicated. Gallup researchers have found that while most competency programs don't work, some are actually very effective at driving performance. This article reveals the difference between good competencies and bad competencies -- and what that difference spells for the success of your organization.

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A recent Advertising Age headline summarized the new mantra of marketers: "It's all about relationships." The focus in our new millennium is clearly on customer retention and the need to create an enduring brand relationship -- a bond between company and customer.