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Saudi Arabia

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Recently restored ties between Iran and Saudi Arabia begin a new chapter in the Middle East. But as Saudi-U.S. relations fray, Gallup data show Saudi Arabia's relative soft power.

Canada and Great Britain are again the countries Americans view most favorably, while Russia has slipped to join North Korea as the least favorably rated of 21 countries.

Although Saudi workplaces have maintained levels of engagement, many workers say they're seeking a new job. What should employers do to retain talent?

Discover whether Saudi Arabia is making strides or falling behind on its ambitious Vision 2030 goals.

Americans view Canada, Great Britain, France and Japan the best of 19 countries asked about -- and North Korea, Afghanistan, Iran, Russia and Iraq the worst.

Gallup's snapshot of how satisfied people in 145 countries and areas were in 2019 with efforts to preserve the environment and with air and water.

Business Journal

Only 17% of unemployed Saudis would opt for private-sector employment, compared with 81% who prefer government jobs.

Business Journal

Between potentially earning better pay in the private sector and job security in the government sector, Saudis choose the latter.