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Gallup has identified six key elements of the K-12 workplace that leaders can focus on to address the growing concern of educator turnover.

Following the pandemic, younger employees report feeling increasingly more detached from their work and employers than do older generations.

Social & Policy Issues

While most Americans acknowledge the cultural impact of Black Americans, less than half of Black adults feel their contributions are celebrated.

While the vast majority of Americans believe healthcare organizations should be required to provide the cost of their products and services in advance, few Americans are aware of the costs before they receive care.

Social & Policy Issues

LGBT Americans are more interested than non-LGBT adults in fostering or adoption, and are facing discrimination as a major barrier, reveals a 2023 Kidsave-Gallup study.

Following improvements in early 2023, U.S. employee engagement remained flat for the rest of the year, presenting persistent challenges for employers.

In 2023, 52.1% of U.S. adults rated their lives well enough to be considered "thriving," three points below the norms set in 2015-2019 and 2021.

Social & Policy Issues

Nearly seven in 10 Americans support the Supreme Court's ban on race in college admissions, with mixed reactions among different racial groups.

Social & Policy Issues

Less than 50% of parents report excellent relationships with their teens. Factors like age of child, marriage, biology and ideology impact this.

Fewer than one in three U.S. adults say they have gotten the new COVID-19 shot this year.

From hybrid work to restructuring, relationships between employees and employers have changed. Here are six of the most important trends leaders should watch in 2024.

Gallup recently tested several methods for capturing and measuring transgender identities.

Post pandemic, U.S. obesity and diabetes rates have reached record highs amid significant declines in healthy eating and other health habits.

77% of Americans who have interacted with police in the past 12 months say the experience was positive overall, but those who do not report positive experiences in police encounters have lower wellbeing and feel less safe.

About half of U.S. holiday shoppers say they will buy most or all of their gifts in December, with 16% buying all of them this month.

A Gallup and Walton Family Foundation survey shows that Gen Z males in the U.S. express higher STEM interest than females, revealing key gender gaps.

Southeast Asia's employers can enhance their workers' productivity, wellbeing and loyalty by creating great jobs and better employee experiences.

A Gallup and Learning Heroes study shows that U.S. parents rely on grades to gauge their kids' success, but tests show racial gaps in actual performance.

With the table set for Thanksgiving, Americans should look forward to how they are using their leftovers and how much food they will waste.

Demystifying U.S. foster care -- especially eligibility requirements and the experience of mentoring or parenting a foster child -- could boost mentorship and foster/adoptive parenting.