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Strengths-Based Selection

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It's the Manager gives CHROs and CEOs step-by-step instructions on how to create a culture of development within their organization. Gallup has learned that development is the most important part of a job for millennials, Gen Z and the workforce of the future. It's the Manager helps managers get the training and tools they need to become successful managers.

CHROs and CEOs must think about the right way to develop managers to create a culture of development for their employees. It's the Manager provides leaders with training, strengths-based development and the tools needed to train better managers.

To be a better manager you first must stop acting like a boss and start thinking like a coach. Learn to become the kind of manager who focuses on developing the people in today's workforce.

To attract and hire top talent companies need to not only create a workplace tailored to today's workforce, but train and develop managers that will deliver on the company's brand promise from the job interview, to onboarding, to development and through the exit interview.

Featured Book

It's the Manager equips your managers with 52 of Gallup's greatest discoveries from decades of research into the science of management.

"It's the Manager" gives human resource leaders access to Gallup's platform where managers can do surveys, developmental reviews, check the strengths and engagement of their employees and further their manager development and training.

Born to Build lets you discover your builder talents and teaches you how to build a thriving startup, a winning team, new customers and a great life.

How strengths-based development relates to organizational outcomes

There are 7 billion people in the world. Imagine if all 7 billion received coaching to maximize their potential this week. It would change how humans develop.

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