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It's the Educonomy, Stupid

by Brandon Busteed

"It's incumbent upon all the leaders in our country -- education, business, and government alike -- to turn a made-up word into a reality. Let's build the world's first educonomy," said Brandon Busteed, Gallup's executive director of Education. Busteed delivered this compelling message to top U.S. education policymakers on June 30, 2014, at the Education Commission of the States' National Forum on Education Policy Agenda.

Busteed's remarks, which aired on C-SPAN, revealed insights from Gallup research studies exploring the links between education and long-term success in life and work. During his speech, Busteed emphasized that education leaders need to measure and focus on the outcome that matters most to Americans: finding a great job. He explained that, as a nation, there is nothing more important we can do than build the world's most effective "educonomy" by seamlessly integrating our educational system, our employers, and our job creators.

Watch his speech in its entirety:

Download Busteed's presentation. For more information on how Gallup gives education leaders tools and advice to help teachers, students, and schools succeed, visit the Gallup Education Knowledge Center.

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