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Five Key Facts About Americans' Views of Smoking

Five Key Facts About Americans' Views of Smoking

Gallup's annual Consumption Habits survey provides insights into Americans' health behaviors -- covering topics ranging from smoking to diet. Gallup has been exploring a number of these behaviors in the United States for years, and has trends on certain metrics dating back to the 1940s.

Here are key highlights on the smoking situation in the U.S. from the 2013 survey:

  1. Doctors are more likely to discuss the dangers of smoking with smokers: 50% of Americans say their doctor usually discusses the benefits of not smoking, but that jumps to 79% among smokers.
  2. The majority of Americans think smokers should pay higher health insurance rates: 58% of Americans say health insurance companies would be justified in setting higher rates for people who smoke.
  3. Most current smokers in the U.S. would like to kick the habit: 85% of smokers say they have, in fact, tried to quit at least once, with 45% admitting that they have tried to quit at least three times.
  4. Americans who smoke tend to have close friends and family who share the habit: Smokers are more than twice as likely as nonsmokers to say their circle of family and friends includes some or many smokers.
  5. More Americans than ever believe that we should ban smoking in the U.S.: The percentage of Americans who want smoking to be totally illegal has increased to 22% this year, from 12% in 2007. Separately, 55% would ban smoking in all public places.

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