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Research Reports

Gallup experts and senior scientists are continually analyzing Gallup data and sharing their findings with fellow academics, researchers, and opinion leaders. A selection of recent research reports is available for download here.

(PDF) Payments and Money Transfer Behavior of Sub-Saharan Africans

by Johanna Godoy, Bob Tortora, Jan Sonnenschein, and Jake Kendall

(PDF) The Many Faces of Global Migration

by Neli Esipova, Anita Pugliese, and Julie Ray

(PDF) The Socioeconomic Gradient in Daily Colds and Influenza, Headaches, and Pain

by Arthur A. Stone, Alan B. Krueger, Andrew Steptoe, and James Harter

(PDF) Life (evaluation), HIV/AIDS, and death in Africa

by Angus Deaton, Jane Fortson, and Bob Tortora

(PDF) Affluence, Feelings of Stress, and Well-Being

by Weiting Ng, Ed Diener, Raksha Arora and James Harter

(PDF) Income, Health, and Well-Being Around the World

by Angus Deaton, Ph.D.

(PDF) What Makes for a Better Life?

by Romina Boarini, Margherita Comola, Conal Smith, Robert Manchin, Femke de Keulenaer

(PDF) Environmental Quality and Life Satisfaction

by Jerome Silva, Femke de Keulenaer, and Nick Johnstone

(PDF) Remittances, Payments, and Money Transfers; Behaviors of South Asians and Indonesians

by Jake Kendall, Melanie Standish, Diana Liu, Nicole Naurath

(PDF) Good Jobs: The New Global Standard

by Jon Clifton and Jenny Marlar

(PDF) Technology and Education

by Brett Pelham, Steve Crabtree, and Zsolt Nyiri

(PDF) Economic Growth and Subjective Well-Being

by Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers

(PDF) A New Paradigm for Building National Information Systems for Development

by Bob Tortora, Chief Methodologist

(PDF) Global Migration Patterns and Job Creation

by Jim Clifton

(PDF) The European Migrant Experience

by Neli Esipova

(PDF) Sub-Saharan Africans Rank the Millennium Goals (MDGs)

by Bob Tortora, Chief Methodologist

Is the Emotion-Health Connection a "First-World Problem"?

by Sarah D. Pressman, Matthew W. Gallagher, and Shane J. Lopez

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