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The latest World Happiness Report delivers some unhappy news to Americans -- and the rest of the world.

Last year, negative emotions fell for the first time since 2014, with experiences of stress, sadness, anger, worry and physical pain each taking a downturn.

Afghan women's satisfaction with the freedom they have to choose what they do with their lives dropped to an unprecedented low of 11% in 2023.

Globally, 58% of adults said they enjoyed cooking in the past week, though nearly twice as many women as men say this, according to a new study by the Ajinomoto Group and Gallup.

Investing in women is a catalyst for global prosperity. But for it to pay off, women need equal opportunities to learn, earn and lead.

Gallup's latest annual update on how the world feels shows its emotional state stopped getting worse in 2022, but it may be too soon for leaders, organizations and businesses to relax.

Gallup's latest report shows that most people worldwide feel secure and have confidence in their local police. Download the latest report to learn more.

Get data and insights on people's negative and positive daily experiences that can help leaders understand how to increase emotional health in society.

As humanity has made material progress, mental health has declined. The workplace can contribute to poor mental health -- but it may also solve it.

The new "Gender Power in Africa" report highlights the discrimination that women face and reinforces the need for more data to study the problem.

More Americans continue to disapprove than approve of Israel's military action in Gaza. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is viewed unfavorably on balance.

Globally, 23% of people experienced a lot of loneliness in 2023. Loneliness often accompanies other negative emotions, including stress and worry.

Ahead of the general election in the U.K. next week, Gallup data paint a mixed picture of economic perceptions in the U.K. compared with other major economies.

Nearly half of people worldwide view their area as a good place for gay or lesbian people to live. Perceptions of acceptance have increased in 11 countries and decreased in 12.

A majority of German workers who saw wrongdoing at work in the past 12 months kept silent. See what managers can do to foster a culture of ethics.

Data from the 2024 World Risk Poll Resilience Report show that most people who experience disasters are warned beforehand, but there is a long way to go to achieve the U.N.'s goal of "Early Warnings for All."

Ahead of parliamentary elections, Gallup offers a look inside the mindset of the European Union electorate, including what it thinks of its leadership.

Leading up to the vote in Mexico, perceptions of the economy, leadership, institutions and the honesty of elections are buoyant.

Gallup surveys show South Africans are disenchanted with their current leadership and a plethora of other issues as they head to the polls next week.

As India votes in the world's biggest-ever democratic election, Gallup data show that economic optimism and confidence in the government, institutions and infrastructure remain high.